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Codes of recommendations for the welfare of livestock

These codes, which have the approval of Parliament, take account of five basic needs: (1) freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition; (2) appropriate comfort and shelter; (3) the prevention, or rapid diagnosis and treatment of injury, disease or infestation; (4) freedom from fear; (5) freedom to display most normal patterns of behaviour. Good stockmanship is a key factor in farm animal welfare, and these codes are essential reading for every stockman, since failure to observe their provisions might be relied upon by the prosecution as tending to establish guilt in any proceedings brought under Section1 of the Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1968.

Defra, 2003 A4 39pp
PB7949 Free

MAFF, amended 1999 A5 14pp
PB0079 Free

Farmed deer
MAFF, 1989 A5 12pp
PB0055 Free

Laying hens
Defra, 2002 A4 27pp
PB7274 Free

Meat chickens and breeding chickens
Defra, 2002 A4 25pp
PB7275 Free

Defra, 2003 A4 35pp
PB7950 Free

MAFF, amended 1999 A5
PB0080 Free

Defra, revised reprint August 2003 A4 26pp
PB5162 Free

MAFF, amended 1999 A5 16pp
PB0077 Free



































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