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July 20 2007 ~ "scientists at the labs are also working on a new test for viruses, such as rabies, bird flu and foot and mouth disease, which could cut the time taken to confirm an outbreak from up to ten days to only a few hours..."

'Burkie' in Kansas wrote: Yes, I have a comment.....several, as a matter of fact.

1. I believe that the UK Animal Health Labs are not willing to utilize this technology because:

No one has asked these people why they will not accept the technology, when now, all the reagents have been fine-tuned to the point that any sample for nearly any disease is easily-tested and results given in less than 30 minutes.

The UK scientists , who are developing their own products, have never been identified and named, who are working on their own agendas, under the "umbrella" of holding poisitions in these labs, and under the "guise" of product development.

Also, the blockade against already available on-site rapid diagnosis is almost unanimously-supported by Molecular Biologists, who feel insecure about their own jobs. Perhaps, it is simply a job-security issue and nothing more.

































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