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(The existing Contingency Plan can be seen here - pdf). Proposed major changes below

Consultation on 2008 Defra's Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases

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In accordance with our legislative obligations under section 14a of the Animal Health Act 1981 Defra is inviting comments on the 2008 version of its Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases.

The plan covers arrangements for response to an outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza (AI) , Newcastle Disease (ND), Classical Swine Fever (CSF), African Swine Fever (ASF), Swine Vesicular Disease (SVD) , Rabies, Bluetongue (BT), and certain specified types of equine exotic diseases (e.g Glanders, Dourine, Infectious Anaemia and Equine encephalitis / encephalomyelitis of all types including West Nile Virus).

The Contingency Plan incorporates two separate documents; a Framework Response Plan outlining roles and responsibilities together with systems and structures in place for responding to an outbreak of exotic animal disease; and an Overview of Emergency Preparedness, which provides more detailed information relating to our emergency preparedness work and operational arrangements for response.

You may comment on any aspect of the plan.

The closing date for responses to this consultation is 10 October 2008.

Annex B

Major Changes made from version 2.0 of the Defra’s Contingency Plan for Exotic Animal Diseases 2007 for the 2008 Review/Consultation.

Framework Response Plan


Changes Made

Page Reference

Re-wording to reflect that VENDU notify the CVO and Animal Health Divisional Offices.

Page 6

Clarification that NDI1 notifications are not issued out of hours

Page 6

Reference to "Head of Legal" updated to "Deputy Director Legal Division".

Throughout the document

Reference to "as amended" after the Animal Health Act 1981 removed.

Throughout the document

References to Government News Network (GNN) changed to News Distribution Service (NDS) to reflect change of name.

Throughout the document

Reference to Welsh Assembly Government Environment Planning and Countryside (WAG EPC) changed to Welsh Assembly Government Rural Affairs (WAG RA) to reflect the designation as Rural Affairs.

Throughout the document

Animal Health Contingency Planning Director is now Head of Contingency Planning Division.

Throughout the document

Lacors added to the Head of Contingency Planning Division notification.

Page 9

ACPO notification added.

Page 9

Animal Health Finance Director replaced Defra Finance Director.

Page 10

Updated that DVM notifies HPA locally on confirmation.

Page 14

Added Animal Health Executive Board Members and EMI.

Page 15

Road Haulage Association added to Head of Animal Health Contingency planning Division notification.

Page 16

VIPER replaced by Operations Manual.

Page 24

‘Director Vet and Tech Services AH Lead operational AH response’ replaced ‘establish disease control operation and resource in JCC’.

Page 25

"Director Legal Services" replaced with "Director General Legal Group".

Page 25

Update paragraph on Animal Welfare to

Page 29

reflect agreed line.

Addition of paragraph on ‘Reference Laboratories’ .

Page 29

Addition of NEEG – new paragraph

Page 29

Veterinary Liaison Cell renamed Veterinary Operations.

Page 31

Some clarification in the role of the Finance Cell.

Page 32

Culling, Transport, Disposal and Cleansing and Disinfection renamed to Field Operations.

Page 34

The role of the Director of Operations managing the JCC and other Cells updated.

Page 36

Link between the Field Epidemiology Team and Veterinary Operations Cell made.

Page 36

Section updated on Regional Coordination.

Page 43

Emergency Management Board "added it will be at an appropriate time and frequency at meetings depend on scale and size of outbreaks" and Permanent Secretary decides if a meeting is appropriate.

Page 49

LDCC birdtable routine added.

Page 64

Addition of the Head of HR and the Animal Health Finance Director to the RODs Teleconference attendee list.

Page 65

Location of meetings reflect the move from Page Street to Nobel House.

Para 4.14 – Page 66

The agenda for all meetings removed from individual roles (they are already under details of meetings).

Page 70 et Seq

List of attendees to Amber Teleconference removed (they are already listed under the meeting).

Page 74

Removed the role of Animal Health Chief Operating Officer.

Page 96

Updated that the Animal Health Vet and Tech Services Director becomes the Director of Operations in an outbreak.

Page 96

Animal Health Finance Director puts Shared Services, Estates, Procurement and CIOD on standby.

Page 104

Animal Health Finance Director attends ROD Teleconference and other meetings.

Page 105

Addition of Animal Health HR Director role.

Page 106

Clarification that the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) represents local authorities in Wales.

Page 120

Update to Scotland Disease Strategy

Page 127

Group members.

Inclusion to clarify that a liaison officer from Defra would be invited to Pentland House in the event of an animal disease outbreak in Scotland.

Page 127

Head of Rural Payments Department should be Head of Farming Development Division.

Page 128

Overview of Emergency Preparedness

Changes Made

Page Reference

Deleted references to the Emergency Volunteers Register.

Page 22

Clarified sourcing of General Field, Technical and Administrative Staff.

Page 22

Added paragraph on Strategic Coordination.

Page 25

Updated Section on regional coordination arrangements for regional response for exotic animal disease outbreaks.

Page 25

Update paragraph on contingency contracts to reflect the supply chains.

Page 27

Update paragraph on Equipment and Stores to reflect stock levels.

Page 27

Updates to Health and safety section to reflect the Animal Health Head of Health and Safety and the coordination of tasks.

Throughout document.

Addition of paragraph relating to the Departmental Emergency Response Committee (DERC).

Page 33

Addition of reference to ERMAS 3.

Page 33

Update Section an animal welfare to reflect recently agreed line.

Page 45

Additional text on the Programme of animal disease exercises.

Page 47

Additional text to cover 2008 outbreaks and incidents.

Page 48

New paragraph on the current status of the Anderson Report.

Page 48