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The Cyprus "outbreak" 2007

Contemporary posts on document what happened between October 31 2007 and December 4th when restrictions were lifted.

Wednesday October 31 2007 ~ Test results for quarantined sheep in Cyprus expected this afternoon

26 Nov 2007 ~ "This strange event has been characterised by EU-dictated cullings and other control measures; convincing evidence for a circulating virus is still lacking."

November 18 2007 ~ Doubts deepen as to the existence of active FMD in Cyprus

November 18 2007 ~ ".. How can you kill 2000 animals for one case of FMD?"

16 November 2007 ~ "Brussels made it crystal clear that there was no choice than to proceed with the immediate culling of livestock or risk serious consequences..."

Friday November 9 2007 ~ "I tried to respond to your blog but I fell foul of the Google log in..."

Thursday November 8 2007 ~"If the veterinary service does not show me in writing whose animals actually have this disease, no one will enter my farm to kill my animals,”

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ "Even farmers who have no export trade now find themselves hampered by restrictions on their domestic activities; and all to pacify the rest of the EU."

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~“I told them to wait for the final results. Then they started making me offers...”

November 4 2007 ~ "angry farmers blocked the entrance to the two farms"

November 4 2007 ~ Cyprus on FMD high alert again.

November 2 2007 ~ Surveillance Zone to go at last

December 8 2007 ~ "....confusing results and statements by the Commission as to whether there was or was not an epidemic of FMD in Cyprus."

December 4 2007 ~ EU lifts foot-and-mouth disease restrictions on Cyprus pork - leaving questions about the Cyprus "outbreak" unanswered