List of DEFRA's consultees
ADAS Gleadthorpe
ADAS Lyme Building
AFRC Institute of Food Research (IFR)
Agricultural & Food Research Council
Agricultural Training Board
Alpheco Limited
Alver Veterinary Group
Amber Valley Borough Council
Anglo European Livestock
Animal Health City of Bradford MDC
Animal Health Trust
Animal Health, North Yorkshire
Ashford Borough Council
Association of British Abattoir Operators
Association of Circus Proprietors in Great Britain
Association of Independent Meat Suppliers
Association of London Authorities
Association of Meat Inspectors (GB) Ltd
Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria
Axis, Chester Enterprise Centre
B Oxley
Barmsley Borough Council
Barrette's Mill
Bernard Matthews Foods Ltd
Biffa Waste Services Limited
Birmingham City Council Markets
Bishop Burton College of Agriculture
Blue Print Mushrooms
Bolton Emery Partnership
Bristol University (Animal Service)
British Association of Canned & Preserved Food Importers & Distributors
British Association of Food
British Biogen
British Cattle Veterinary Association
British Eggs Industry Council
British Free Range Egg Producers' Association
British Frozen Food Federation
British Independent Grocers Association
British Institute of Innkeeping
British Institute of Regulatory Affairs
British Leather Confederation
British Meat Federation
British Meat Manufacturer's Association
British Milksheep Association
British Multiple Retailer Association
British Organic Farmers
British Overseas Trade Board
British Pig Association
British Ports Association
British Poultry and Meat Federation Ltd
British Poultry Council
British Retail Consortium
British Trout Association
British Veterinary Poultry Association
Broadland District Council
Bromley Reference Library
Buckinghamshire Health Authority
Business Environment Association
Butler Kelly Ltd
Butterworths Law of Food and Drugs
Cambridge Recycling Services
Camden Food and Drink Research Association
Caterers Association of Great Britain
Catering Industries Liaison Council
Catering Waste and Animal Feed
Chartered Institute of Environmental Health
CHC Waste Management
City of London Central Markets Authority
CO - Operative Union Ltd
College of the Distributive Trade
Combustion Engineering Association
Community Composting Network
Consumer Association
Consumers in the European Community Group (UK)
Cookery and Food Association
Country Landowners' Association
County Councils Association
County Mulch Ltd
Croda Colloids Ltd
Croda Universal Ltd
DAFO 318 Technical Index's
David Border, C C
Danish Bacon & Meat Council
Department of Agriculture & Food, Dublin
Department of Agriculture Economics and Food Marketing
Department of Environmental Social Sciences
Department of Local Government & Environment
Department of Trading Standards
Department of Economy & Environment, Cleveland
Dept. of Food Commodities
Dept. Of the Environment, Transport & The Region (DETER)
Devro plc
Diary Industry Federation Ltd
Dundas Bros Ltd
Durham County Waste Management Company Ltd
ECOM Technology Limited
Ellendale Engineering
English Nature
Environment Resources Management
Environment, Health and Consumer Services
Environmental Agency
Environmental Agency Wales
Environmental Friendly Systems 2000 Ltd
Environmental Health Services
Environmental Services Association
Environmental Services Directorate
Environmental Services West Wiltshire District Council
Environmental Services, Devon
Environmental Health Services Cannock Chase Council
Euro Environmental Containers Supports
European Oleochemicals & Allied Products Group
European Public Policy Advisers
European Trade Group
Evans Universal Ltd
Evesham Food
Farm Animal Welfare Co - Ordinating
Farm Livestock (Welfare) Advisory Group
Farmers' Weekly
Federation of Bakers
Federation of Fresh Meat Wholesalers
Federation of Wholesale Distributors
Feed Fat Association
Feeding International
Fertiliser Manufacturers Association
Fish & Meat Spreadable Products Association
Food & Drink Federation
Food & Drink Industry & Council
Food and Health Research
Food from Britain
Food Manufacturers Federation
Food Standards Agency
Freehold Community Association
Gary Odlin Premier Poultry
Global Environment Ltd
Graham Bolton Planning
Grain & Feed Trade Association
Gray's Waste Services Ltd
Graystone Abattoir
Guest Farm
H J Heirz
Halal Food Authority
Hartlepool Borough Council
Hoofmark Organic Limited
Horticultural Research International
Hospital Caterers Association
Hotel and Catering Training
House of Common
Housing and Environment Services
Humberside Wastewise Waste Management
Ian McMurdo (Heinz Kendal)
Imported Meat Trade Association
Incineration and Incinerator Standards
Independent Food Retailers
Information Bureau AEA Technology
Institute of Environmental Health Officers
Institute for Animal Health (IAH)
Institute of Fisheries Management
Institute of Food Science & Technology (UK)
Institute of Grocery Distributors
Institute of Waste Management C/O Norfolk Environmental Waste Services Ltd
International Meat Trade Association
Intervention Board Executive Agency
J H Dewhurst
J Sainsbury PLC
John Clarke
Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Jonathan Miller
K Goodburn
Kent County Council
Kirklees Council
KJ Engineering
Leatherhead Food Research Association
Leicester City Library
Licensed Animal Slaughterers' & Salvage Association
Livestock Auctioneers Market Committee for England and Wales
Livestock Auctioneers' Association
Livestock Marketing Commission NI
Local Authority Catering Association
Local Authority Co-ordinating Body On Trading Standards (LACOR)
Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee
Local Government Association
London Borough of Bromley
M & D I Kemp & Sons
Mark Prescott
Marks & Spencer PLC
Martin Cook Associates
Master of Draghounds Association
Master of Foxhounds' Association
Meat and Livestock Commission
Meat Industry Liaison Group
Meat Trade Journal
Meat Training Council
Milbury Systems Ltd
Nanteague Farm
National & Local Government Association
National Animal Health & Welfare Panel
National Association of Catering Butchers
National Association of Market Bakers
National Association of Pharmaceutical
National Audit Office
National Birds of Prey Centre
National Consumer Council
National Consumers Protection Council
National Farmers Union
National Farmers Union Livestock Dept
National Federation of Anglers
National Federation of City Farms
National Federation of Consumer Group
National Federation of Fish Fryers
National Federation of Hide & Skin Market
National Federation of Meat and Food Traders
National Federation of Meat Traders
National Federation of Wholesale Grocers
National Federation of Wholesale Poultry
National Federation of Women's Institutes
National Federation of Zoological Gardens of Britain & Ireland
National Joint Council for Local Authorities
National Office of Animal Health
National Pharmaceutical Association
National Pig Association
National Pig Breeders Association
National Renderers Association
National Sheep Association
National Trust
Norfolk Environmental Waste Services Limited
North Dorset District Council
North Lincolnshire Council
North Warwickshire Borough Council
Northern Counties Animal Health & Welfare Group
Nutretech Ltd
Open University
Organic Resource Agency
Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association
Pet Risk Analyst, Central Science Laboratory
Petfood Manufacturers' Association
Philip Moore, Sustainable Biowaste Solutions
PHLS Communicable Diseases Centre
Pig Disease Information Centre Ltd
Pig Veterinary Society
Piper Farm
Plymouth City Council
Port of London Health Authority
Poultry World
Proper Job Limited
Prosper De Mulder
Public Health (Commercial) Department
Public Health Laboratory Services (PHLS)
Quality Meat & Livestock Alliance
Reference & Information Library
Refractory Concrete's Ltd
RES Agriparts Ltd
Restaurateurs Association of Great Britain
Richard Blacklaw-Jones
Richard Brickell
Richard Nugent
Robert Persey, Upcott Farm
Rochdale MBC
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
Royal Society of the Commonwealth & Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers
Royal Veterinary College
Rural Services Network
Salmon and Trout Association
Sandwell Information Service
Scotch Premier Meat Ltd
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association / National Edible Oil Distributors
Shank Chemical Services Division
Shellfish Association of Great Britain
Sim Engineering Ltd
Skin, hide & Leather Trades Association Ltd
Small Abattoir Federation (SAFE)
Smithfield Market Tenants Association
Smithfield Superintendents Office
Society of Public Health Ltd
South Ayrshire Council
South East Institute of Public Health
South Gloucestershire Council
Staffordshire County Council
Swanson House Farm
Tag Environmental Limited
Tamzin Phillips
TESCO Stores Ltd
The British Sandwich Association
The Composting Association
The Farm & Food Society
The Federation of Food & Drink Manufacturers
The Livestock Trades Association of Great Britain Ltd
The Mobile & Outside Caterers Association
The National Council of Women of Great Britain
The Pizza & Pasta Association
The Rural Society of Health
The University of Liverpool
Thornton Dean Environmental Health
Trade Union Congress
Trading Standards Depart Wrexham
Trading Standards Department, Lowestoft
Trading Standards Institute
UK Agricultural Supply Trade Association
UK Association of Fishmeal Manufacturers
UK Association of Frozen Food Producers
UK Egg Producers' Association
UK Renderers' Association
UK Waste Management UK Ltd
Union of Muslim Organisations
UNISON (Trade Union)
University Federation for Animal Welfare
University of Bristol
University of Hull
University of Leeds
University of Newcastle
University of Southampton
Veterinary Laboratories Agency
Veterinary Public Health Association
Warrington Borough Council
Waste Food Feeders Association
Waste Management Agency
Waste Management and Technical Engineering Department
Waste Strategy Division (DEFRA)
Wealden District Council
West Dorset District Council
West Lancashire District Council
Western Group, Environmental Health Committee
William Forest Son (Paisley) Ltd
William White Fabrications Ltd
Women's National Commission
Women's Farming Union
Worshipful Company of Butchers
Wright Environmental Management (UK) Ltd
Wye Borough Council
Wye College (University of London)
Zoological Society of Great Britain