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Extract from Chapter One of the 2005 DEFRA Report (pdf)


Defra’s vision is of a world in which climate change and environmental degradation are recognised and addressed by all nations and where low carbon emissions and efficient of environmental resources are at the heart of our whole way of life. Where here in the UK, rural communities are diverse, economically and environmentally viable, and socially inclusive with high quality public services and real opportunities for all. A country where the food, fishing and farming industries work closely together and with Government are not dependent on output-related subsidies to produce safe, nutritious food which contributes positively to consumer choice and the health of the whole nation. A place where the land is managed in such a way as to recognise its many functions, from production through to recreation; where we seek to promote biodiversity on land and our seas; and where the promotion of animal welfare and protection against animal disease is at the core of the way in which we farm and live. The pursuit of sustainable development – environmental, economic and social – is vital to achieving this vision.