On April the 1st and April 2nd, I personally went through something that has changed me forever....

I am probably permanently unhinged now, and I suffer from what I saw everyday.

My five cows, who were all over 15 years old and who were part of my Family, were shot dead in my building. My ewes were shot, some while they were in the process of lambing.

A slaughterer told me later, that he was told to gut the ewes when they were put on the pyre, and he removed lambs from inside them which were still alive, he said that he had vomited into the mask he was wearing.

My partner Nick was told by the slaughter vet, four days afterwards, that the killing of our animals had been pointless.

We had to watch our animals burning across the valley for ten days.

My animals were my whole life. The last thing I would ever do, would be to go out over my own fields and shoot dead a pheasant. We have pheasants, deer, foxes, badgers living on our farm, and if any tree huggers on this site want to come and see them that would be great.