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Dr Yunes Teinaz is a hero of our times. He has sent many of the links about which we write here. He refuses to be intimidated by the dirty meat criminals who wield the muscle to intimidate those who oppose their crimes against human health. If only there were more like him.

March 7th 2015 ~ House of Commons debate: Animal Welfare (Non-stun Slaughter)

February 3rd 2015 ~ Animal Aid's abattoir filming shows scenes of brutal slaughter in contravention of Islamic practice.

December 30th 2014 ~ Clearer labelling breakthrough is looking likely

September 2014 ~ Professor Elliott's report highlights that organised food crime has the potential to damage legitimate food businesses

August 2014 ~ Fears that Bush Meat imports could lead to Ebola fever in the UK

May 13th 2014 ~ "The answer is very simple. Food should be labelled as stunned or non-stunned"

May 9th 2014 ~ Non-stun slaughter: "Growing concerns over the tone of the debate" The Times

April 2014 ~ Online petition hopes to end non-stun slaughter in Britain

April 17th 2014 ~ Nor have lessons been learnt from the horsemeat scandal.

September 2013 ~ "...local authorities should stop hounding reputable food businesses on minor regulatory issues and concentrate on real public health issues such as the sale of illegal and unfit meat."

February 2013 ~ 48 TONS of illegal meat smuggled into Britain in the last seven years

December 2012 ~ Many urban councils have not seized any illegal meat in past five years, according to an exclusive EHN investigation.

September 21st 2012 ~ Shocking story of bush and illegal meat being sold in Hackney - including rat meat

September 15th 2012 ~ 30 tons of unhygienically produced chicken meat ended up in takeaways

July 12th 2012 ~ Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? "The risk posed by the incompetence shown by the FSA staff could have catastrophic consequences..."

August 7th 2011 ~ "so much energy is expended in resolving the stunning vs. non-stunning debate that important issues such as food safety and food quality receive too little attention."

May 8th 2011~ "holy water" laced with arsenic is still being sold illegally to Muslims by UK shops

March 13th 2011 ~ Illegal meat scams

June 14th 2010 ~ The criminal charges against Mr Yusuf a former West Yorkshire abattoir operator result in a prison term


June 13th 2010 ~ FSA welcomes a decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold a prison term for food hygiene violations

April 12th 2010 ~ "the practice of undeclared pork and beef protein injection in poultry"

March 31st 2010 ~ Julian Jones jailed - at last

February 1st 2010 ~ Legal Smokies?

February 1st 2010 ~ FSA Board meetings can be seen and heard on the FSA website

November 7 2009 ~",,, far from a unique case nor peculiar to the Halal trade..."

October 23 2009 ~ The sheep, slaughtered in a poultry shed for Halal meat were not pre-stunned.

July 30 2009 ~ Thousands of pounds worth of black market meat

March 19 2009 ~ Unfit, slimy and dangerous meat sold as Halal

February 11 2009 ~ mobile cinema units successfully educate local Kenyan communities about the dangers of the bushmeat trade.

January 12 2009 ~ "an important sub-issue that requires immediate attention"

Jan 12 2009 ~ The third largest illegal trade in the UK after arms and narcotics

June 10 2007 ~ "The Observer has learnt from one senior trading standards officer that poultry smuggled in from Egypt, where avian flu was confirmed last year, is on sale at markets across London.

June 2007 Article on the illegal meat trade by Aura Sabadus

April 2007 ~ there is now a greater risk of contracting and spreading a food borne illness locally, regionally, and even globally. Food poisoning problem requires action by food producers and distributors as well as by consumers, from the farm to the folk.

April 18 2007 ~ Crown Court Rejects Appeal against Sentence for Selling Unfit Meat

April 6 2007 ~ "Offending restaurants don't train their staff to meet health and hygiene standards. They often buy and serve condemned meat because it's cheap. And it's cheap because it hasn't been through public health controls"

March 30 2007 Dr Yunes Teinaz interviewed by Islam Channel

March 19 2007 ~ "As public concern about cruelty to farm animals grows, there has been a huge surge in demand for such eggs, which can cost as much as 80p a dozen more than battery hen products."

UK Dirty Meat Scandal

The billion pound dirty meat scandal. Watch "Watchdog" (Courtesy of BBC1 via the ICC website) (low quality for slow connections) (medium) (high quality)

You may need Shockwave to view the film

January 15 2007 ~ Despite committing these offences over two years ago it has taken until this week to obtain a conviction

December 7 2006 ~ battery eggs sold as free range, intensively farmed food sold as organic, low quality produce sold as premium....

"18.5 per cent rise in the number of seizures of illegal meat smuggled from the 15 countries that are classed as 'high risk' of animal-borne disease.... a nightmare scenario in which Ebola finds its way into our food chain

July 16 2005 ~ Some progress: "... if meat is unfit for human consumption, it cannot be considered halal, irrespective of whether it derived from a halal slaughtered animal."

March 28 ~ April 3 2005 ~ "...hundreds of carcases of illegal meat enter the human food chain without any action"

January 16 - 22 2005 ~ Food Standards Agency says it would be a breach of EU law to create a new offence against the £1bn a year criminal meat trade

December 13 2004 ~" JULIAN JONES smelt strongly of rotten meat. His clothing was dirty and stained, as well as his hands which were bloodstained. .."

"I've seized many carcasses contaminated by faeces, brain and spinal matter, as well as a variety of potentially- fatal bacteria. Some have also been covered in cysts and riddled with disease...

...After a long battle against these criminals I feel that nothing happens to them; they are still in business poisoning the nation every day and no one is taking any action...I will do what I can to protect the public despite difficulties which I am facing." Dr Yunes Teinaz..

The "Dirty Meat" Despatches programme, shown on Channel 4, showed only the tip of the iceberg.

In spite of reassuring words from the government and the FSA, - no action is actually taken to stop the rotten trade except by the heroic few such as Dr Teinaz. Although professional and trade associations have called for new legislation to deal with serious food crime, the Food Standards Agency has resisted, arguing that to introduce a new offence would "breach European Community law."

Thanks to Dr Yunes Teinaz and other researchers who have shared their knowledge with warmwell, we can at least put some information onto the internet for all to see. This sort of task should not be up to us - but where are those who should be giving substantial help to Dr Teinaz with new legislation aimed at the real criminals? The Meat Trade in its criminal form is sinister, powerful and deeply feared - and widespread. Who will protect consumers from diseased meat and the animals from barbarous slaughter?

email March 28 2005