"....not only meat frauds - many other frauds in the UK food industry"

  • March 19 2009 ~ Unfit, slimy and dangerous meat sold as Halal

    A link Is Halal Meat Really Halal on the current Islam Channel website

    February 11 2009 ~ mobile cinema units successfully educate local Kenyan communities about the dangers of the bushmeat trade.

    From "According to the BBC, nearly 7,500 tonnes of illegal meat products enter Britain every year, often disguised as 'beef'. ..."

  • January 12 2009 ~ "an important sub-issue that requires immediate attention"

    In spite of The Products of Animal Origin (Third Country Imports) (England) Regulations 2006 (SI 2006/2841), as amended by The Products of Animal Origin (Third Country Imports) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 (SI 2007/1605) - and in spite of today's news (farming UK) that "incidents of illegal meat, animals and food being seized have dropped dramatically in the United Kingdom in the last year", the problem of dangerous, illegally killed meat and illegally imported bushmeat from endangered species continues.

  • Jan 12 2009 ~ The third largest illegal trade in the UK after arms and narcotics

    In late 2006, a Guardian article "Sins of the flesh"Ebola on ProMed see Jan 8 posting.) Dr Teinaz considers that illegal meat is now the third largest illegal trade in the UK after arms and narcotics. Animals can be trapped with poison and that too, as well as zoonotic disease, can be passed on to those who eat bushmeat. .

  • June 14 2007 ~

    Aura Sabadus' article ... the murky world of international trafficking, animal cruelty, black magic and even cannibalism..."

  • June 10 2007 ~ " You just need £400 to buy an old van and you can go around the country distributing illegal meat.'..."Click here

  • April 2007 ~ there is now a greater risk of contracting and spreading a food borne illness locally, regionally, and even globally.

    Food poisoning problem requires action by food producers and distributors as well as by consumers, from the farm to the folk. Click here

  • April 18 2007 ~ Crown Court Rejects Appeal against Sentence for Selling Unfit Meat Click here

  • April 6 2007 ~ "Offending restaurants don't train their staff to meet health and hygiene standards. They often buy and serve condemned meat because it's cheap. And it's cheap because it hasn't been through public health controls" Click here

  • March 19 2007 ~ "As public concern about cruelty to farm animals grows, there has been a huge surge in demand for such eggs, which can cost as much as 80p a dozen more than battery hen products." Click here

  • January 15 2007 ~ Despite committing these offences over two years ago it has taken until this week to obtain a conviction report from Hackney Click here December 7 2006 ~ battery eggs sold as free range, intensively farmed food sold as organic, low quality produce sold as premium.... Click here

  • October 2006 ~ "condemned meat ... trimmed, treated and bleached, then put back into the food chain. " The Guardian reports on Yunes Teinaz work

  • April 14/15 2006 ~ An unhyped - but real and present danger to public health. This Easter Weekend dirty meat is arriving in all big cities of the UK Dr Teinez writes, "I am enclosing the link to my presentation in Newcastle; I will keep my campaign up within the profession and the media until the authorities wake up.
    The Health of the Nation is every body's business. Meat, unfit for human consumption, is entering the food chain in a country where the law guarantees the safety of meat from the stable to the table! (Powerpoint)

  • March 30 2006 ~ Review of Illegal Meat Trade in the UK - Dr Yunes Teinaz, will be speaking on the Illegal Meat Trade and food safety at the North East Region Annual Symposium, Britannia Hotel, Newcastle Airport - 5th to 7th April 2006. See also Simon Hoggart's recent comment in the Guardian "Doomed".

  • March 15th 2006 ~ ~ The Wales This Week disturbing TV Programme on Illegal Meat can be seen on the Internet. Dr Yunes Teinaz, the tireless fighter of dirty meat crimes in the UK, has sent the links: Part One and Part Two (open in new windows) .

    The failure of animal health policies have far reaching consequences. Poverty caused by the loss of livestock and the breakdown of farming breeds bush meat poaching abroad and there are still utterly unscrupulous men in the UK to deliver cheap, inhumanely killed and dangerous meat for very high rewards. Moreover, Mr Bradshaw's irritated remarks about imports (here, for example, in reply to a Parliamentary Question about illegal imports) look ever more worrying.

  • August 21 2005 ~ Observer "....'The term organic is clearly being abused, by both producers and sellers. Not many local authorities have the resources to test the integrity of organic food,' said Dr Yunes Teinaz, principal environmental health officer at Hackney Borough Council. ... three out of four households now buy some organic food ............... There are fears an increasing amount of 'organic' food is coming in from overseas making it difficult to establish its provenance..." Read in full (As Dr Yunes Teinaz writes to warmwell. "....not only meat frauds - many other frauds in the UK food industry!")

  • July 18 2005 ~ Dr Yunes Teinez writes, "Please feel free to reprint the letters . There is a slow progress but the issue of the hot meat from licensed plants is affecting the meat safety in the UK due to the fact that the slaughtered ewes are very thin, not kept to set for 24 hours for fitness, and then sent to the market mis-described: for the Muslim as Halal , for the African as "goats"....usually ending as mince, to schools, hospitals and the kebab industry.
    The reality is that this type of meat is unfit for human consumption."

  • July 16 2005 ~ Shaheen Zar of the Meat Fraud and Diversity Branch Enforcement Division, has now written to Jane Downes, the Veterinary and Technical Director at the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) concerning the points raised in the letter from Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan and Dr Yunes Teinaz of the Islamic Cultural Centre. See opposite page and the entry for 16 June below

  • 9 July 2005 ~ Dr Yunes Teinaz writes about a BBC programme highlighting the continuing scandal of unfit meat getting into UK food outlets. ".....An undercover reporter managed to sell fit meat as unfit to a kebab take away. Tons of illegally slaughtered meat and unfit food ends up in restaurants and takeaways without any public health controls checks or legal action against the perpetrators - who are making millions, tax free, at the expense of the health of the nation." More

  • 16th June 2005 ".........deep concerns regarding hundreds of old cull ewes, slaughtered every day at the Meat Hygiene Services licensed plants for the Muslim markets all over the country. In most cases the meat of these ewes is often thin , and dark in colour , emaciated, oedematous and do not have the same keeping quality as young lambs, especially when they are not chilled immediately after slaughter and kept to set, loaded warm for immediate despatch under the wrong presumption that this is a Halal requirement. Often they reach the markets in a condition unfit for human consumption.." from a letter to the Director of the Enforcement Group of the Food Standards Agency

  • 29 May 2005 ~ "This Bank holiday weekend hundreds of carcases of smokies , and illegally imported cattle feet , arrived at the capital without any action being taken by the authorities....." Dr Yunes Teinaz has sent us the letter from the Islamic Cultural Centre to the Food Standards Agency, hoping to find a legal way to permit sheep and goat carcasses with their skin on to be health marked and placed on the market. This could stop a filthy, cruel and illegal trade.

  • 15 May 2005 ~ The continuing trade in illegally slaughtered meat is reported to the FSA. No action is taken by the local authorities. An emailer writes, "Hundreds of carcases, illegally slaughtered, entered into the markets in London this week end."

  • 8 May 2005 ~ The Observer's Jamie Doward writes two timely articles on the grave dangers of the dirty meat trade.

  • 21 March 2005 ~ The £25 million for control of illegal meat imports ... has funded initiatives such as publicity campaigns and the training of 10 meat sniffer-dogs From "The Bushmeat Trade" pdf
    ( The weight of illegal seizures by HM Customs and Excise last year was 174,206kg (pdf file))

  • 18 March 2005 ~ A mobile information unit to highlight the risks from foods people bring back from abroad - Dr Yunes Teinaz : "It is vital that we are all made aware of the regulations regarding personal food imports as a great number of travellers tend to bring back food products that have been given to them as gifts by family or friends. It is great that information is available to people of many different backgrounds and cultures". Press release

  • Feb 27 2005 ~ Wales on Sunday 60 sheep were found hanging from a rail bleeding to death and 40 more were shorn awaiting slaughter.

    Jones had already been banned from keeping animals for life nearly six years ago "...Julian Jones, from Cardigan, admitted he produced 'smokies' from a filthy barn in Buckie, Scotland.
    Jones had already been banned from keeping animals for life nearly six years ago. In April 1999, he admitted causing unnecessary suffering to animals and failing to dispose of carcasses which dogs had access to ...." Read in full

  • December 2004 ~ JULIAN JONES, JAMES ELLIOTT, COLIN PATTERSON, CAMELO GALE , MOHAMMED HASNET KHAN, are all mentioned in the witness statement of Dr Yunes Teinez, Senior Environmental Health Officer for Haringey, the result of over two years of painstaking work carried out in spite of extreme pressure - including death threats and intimidation. The evidence in all its stomach turning detail makes the sentence incomprehensible Yet Wood Green Crown Court awarded a £ 250 fine against each defendant £ 250 costs for each defendant, 140 hours community service for Julian Jones, 120 hours for James Elliott ....
    Legal costs were not awarded. It cost Haringey Council £25,000 to bring the case.

  • What was Carmelo Gale doing as a Defra Advisor? Farmers Weekly 30 June 2004 "Carmello Gale, who runs 1300 breeding ewes at Llandyssul in Dyfed, appeared before Swansea Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty on May 17 to operating an illegal slaughter house. He was also ordered to pay £3000 prosecution costs. He admitted killing old ewes in unlicensed premises at Penclawdd Uchaf Farm near his home, and scorching the skin and residual wool to produce golden coloured "smokies" for ethnic communities. ...In May, just a few days before appearing in court, Mr Gale explained the production of smokies at a meeting with DEFRA livestock strategy division civil servants, which was arranged by the National Sheep Association...." .."

  • "These meat crimes threaten public health, violate people's religious belief and abuse their trust. It frequently involves cruelty to animals. The people who carry them out have no moral qualms.." from a speech by Cllr Jessica Crowe, Hackney Council's Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Environment Food Safety Seminar 27 November 2004

  • "she infiltrated a group of poachers trying to sell gorillas....'When the smoke went out then I saw these two gorillas clinging to each other and running away, crying, because when they see somebody coming they, they are scared' .... Efanwé rescued the two baby gorillas despite considerable risks..." Read the transcript of File on 4 programme on meat crime, bush meat and illegal imports.

  • "... In Hackney we have removed significant amount of wrongly described meat and illegally imported foodstuff from the human food chain. This conference will bring together experts from across the country to discuss these important issues..." See Seminar on food safety and illegal imports - Saturday 27 November 2004, 1.30pm

  • ""The Government is spending £25 million ..... Australia is investing £246 million in 2004-05 to strengthen its border controls on top of a further £116 million invested in their quarantine and inspection service....
    At the moment, 4 anti-smuggling teams and 6 sniffer dogs are solely responsible for policing all air and seaports ... "This campaign seems to be aimed at ordinary tourists who may be unaware of the rules and regulations that govern personal food imports," said ICC Director General Dr Ahmed Al Dubayan.." Press release pdf

  • File on 4 Radio 4 - Tuesday 26th October 2004 " Its a story of poverty, organised crime and slaughter; a trade with the potential to spread deadly disease; a trade which Governments here and abroad seem either unwilling or unable to stop..."

  • warmwell front page "....The behaviour of Colin Patterson and Alfred Carter was shown for all to see on Channel 4's Dispatches programme. .."

  • Bushmeat in Britain could spread an Aids type virus. File on Fouron October 26 2004 added more worries to the scandal of meat crime in the UK. The fear is that the new virus could result in a new disease which would have global impact.

  • A letter from Dr Yunes to the Environmental Health Journal Oct 04 "...urging colleagues to make more effort to bring these criminal gangs to justice and also to put more pressure on the FSA to introduce a new offence. It is the only way we will be able to properly protect our communities."

  • Halal Meat and Food Crime in the UK
    International Halal Food seminar Islamic University College of Malaysia September 2004. "....Lack of co-ordination ... The illegal meat trade offers opportunities to entrepreneurs, both at home and abroad, to make large amounts of money illegally, with a very low chance of being caught and prosecuted.."

  • EHJ website Aug 2004 "The FSA claims that amending the Food Safety Act is not possible because of EU regulations and that there is no political will, or need, to create a new offence under primary legislation..."

  • FSA email to Captain Bryn Wayt: "....continue to monitor the situation and where appropriate introduce any measures necessary ..."

  • Meat Crimes in the UK May 2004 "...It was such a well organised illegal enterprise that I would be surprised if some of you have not eaten that meat. After arms and narcotics, the trade in illegal meat is considered to be the third biggest illegal trade - estimated to be worth up to £1billion a year. .."

  • Birmingham Post reports on Shrewsbury College meat training scam September 04

  • Britain's Worst Farmer Julian Jones, exposed as a mastermind behind a multi-million-pound trade in infected meat and barbaric in his treatment of animals. He was put on probation.

  • The criminals get off scot free "...All the major poultry scams have involved washed/bleached meat. Rotten poultry should also be stained but this is not happening. ..the only people who will suffer from this SI (Statutory Instrument) are the ones who are doing the job correctly... All the rogues in the meat industry will get off scot-free again. The MHS are corrupt, as are some abattoirs. The FSA are fully aware of all this.."

    Environmental Health News "MHS office at Oriel Jones and Sons abattoir in Llanbydder, near Lampeter... Peter Maguigan, senior meat inspector, has been placed on precautionary paid suspension.... a former Ceredigion councillor.... leases it to Colin Patterson, a cattle dealer of Capel Cynon, Llandysui. .....a hundred illegally slaughtered sheep were found on a farm near Lampeter" April 2002

  • The collapse of a high-profile conspiracy case involving Peter Maguigan (MHS inspector at Oriel Jones and Sons abattoir ), Colin Patterson and 'another' . 27/4/2004

  • Lords Hansard Feb 2004 Lord Rotherwick: "What is the real reason why there have been no convictions?"

  • Alf Carter and the "King" of Albania - News Wales in July 2004 ( possibly not what it seems?)

  • EHJ online high profits and low penalties ...." in the Amber Valley case at least one of the ring leaders had been attracted away from drug crime into meat crime because of high profits and low penalties. ... meat criminals convicted under the Food Safety Act are out plying their trade almost immediately after their court cases. In fact, some have been seen doing deals by mobile phone during their trials. ... naive to think that where such large profits can be made, criminals will not find ways around controls..."

  • Dr Richard North's speech to Foodtech 98 on the subject of the then newly formed Food Standards Agency: "... the "major players" are likely to benefit from the formation of the Agency, significantly improving their financial prospects. The one thing which will not improve, however, is food safety."

  • More chiefs than Indians - Booker's Notebook March 2003
    "A recruitment advertisement for the Meat Hygiene Service, part of Sir John Krebs's Food Standards Agency, boasts that lucky applicants will become part of the team of "2,250 officials" whose job is to enforce EU hygiene regulations on Britain's "1,300 licensed meat premises". ....."

  • Anglo Beef Processors and the Meat Hygiene Service "Cow Manure in beef, not spotted by inspectors, causes MacDonald's UK to terminate contract with ABP (Anglo Beef Processors)."