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EDM 8th May 2008

Mr Malcolm Moss
Tim Loughton
Mr Edward Garnier
Mr Tim Boswell
Richard Ottaway
Mr Tobias Ellwood
* 36
  Mr Michael Ancram Hon Nicholas Soames Mr Colin Breed
  Bob Spink Mr Gregory Campbell Mr Mike Hancock
  Mr James Gray Mr Angus MacNeil Mr Alistair Carmichael
  Jeremy Corbyn Dr Vincent Cable Dr Julian Lewis

   That this House notes the vital role that honey bees play in the pollinating of plants for food and other crops; recognises that honey bees make the substantial contribution of 165 million annually to the agricultural economy, according to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); acknowledges the potential impact a decline in honey bee populations would have on our environment and our diet; understands that the emergence of colony collapse disorder poses a significant threat to Britain's honey bee populations; further understands that a decline in the number of honey bees would not only threaten food crops but also every type of flora; further notes the concerns of many beekeepers that the Varroa Mite is becoming increasingly resistant to attempts to control it; congratulates the British Beekeepers' Association for the work it does and for the research programme it has recommended to DEFRA; and calls on the Government urgently to review the current arrangements for research into bee health.


























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