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Few now doubt that the age of cheap energy is over

Dependence on oil poses a risk to the security and economic well-being of everyone in the UK (and elsewhere) - and few now doubt that the age of cheap oil is over. We have got to move to some other sources of energy. If nothing is done the price of food will skyrocket as the cost of producing, storing, transporting, and packaging it will soar. Our short-sighted disdain for farming and home-produced food may well be going to look like a catastrophic mistake.

The Climate Change arguments are used to get the population on board with regard to energy conservation - but may well be irrelevant to the more urgent need to conserve energy and find alternatives because of dwindling cheap energy from oil and gas.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett , in explaining each to the US Congress in 2005, had this to say

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