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of 30 November 2007

approving annual and multi-annual national programmes and the financial contribution from the

Community for the eradication, control and monitoring of certain animal diseases and zoonoses,

presented by the Member States for 2008 and following years

(notified under document number C(2007) 5776)




Article 4

Bluetongue in endemic or high risk areas

1. The programmes for the eradication and monitoring of

bluetongue submitted by Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece,

Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg the Netherlands, Austria,

Portugal, Romania and Slovenia are hereby approved for the

period from 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008.

2. The financial contribution by the Community shall be at

the rate of 50 % of the costs to be incurred by each Member

State referred to in paragraph 1 for the cost of carrying out the

laboratory tests for virological, serological and entomological

surveillance and the purchase of traps and vaccines, and shall

not exceed:

(a) EUR 377 000 for Belgium;

(b) EUR 5 400 for Bulgaria;

(c) EUR 3 100 000 for Germany;

(d) EUR 100 000 for Greece;

(e) EUR 4 100 000 for Spain;

(f) EUR 351 000 for France;

(g) EUR 1 300 000 for Italy;

(h) EUR 70 000 for Luxemburg;

(i) EUR 527 000 for the Netherlands;

(j) EUR 245 000 for Austria;

(k) EUR 1 004 000 for Portugal;

(l) EUR 43 000 for Romania;

(m) EUR 61 000 for Slovenia.

3. The maximum amounts of the costs to be reimbursed to

the Member States for the programmes referred to in paragraph

1 shall not exceed for an ELISA test E