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National Fallen Stock Scheme -- "a bit of a shambles"  -- articles and opinion


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In October 2002 DEFRA announced that the Animal By-Products Regulation, would ban the routine on-farm burial and burning of animal carcases in Member States from 30 April 2003..

By February 2004 there were still no details of the UK collection and disposal arrangements for fallen stock and the scheme was postponed again until the Autumn. Finally, on 22 November 2004, Defra announced the Launch of the National Fallen Stock Scheme. One needs to register (#28+VAT) for the National Fallen Stock Company before gaining access to most information on the website. A page asks you to supply your Government Gateway User ID and Password. and adds Unauthorised access may constitute a criminal offence.

March 5 2009 ~ Fallen Stock Scheme - an appreciation

21 January ~ Lembit Öpik considers that allowing the burial of carcases on farm " has done no harm to society, farming or health at any point in history"

February 8 2008 ~ Fallen Stock - plea for reassessment

July 2007 ~ Reply to E petition to scrap the fallen stock disposal scheme and reinstate on farm burial as a green initiative

May 30 2007 ~ E-petition to scrap the fallen stock disposal scheme and reinstate on farm burial as a green initiative.

May 21 2007 ~ Farmers face rise in costs for fallen stock

March 12 2007 ~ Why the fallen stock scheme is legislative madness

June 13 2006 ~ " All it takes is one break in the chain and chaos ensues, with rotting carcasses lying uncollected for days"

2 June 2006 ~ 1100 producers left with no fallen stock service

13 February 2006 ~ "problems should be history"

30 September 2005 ~ Don't ignore the burial ban - National Fallen Stock Company

8 July 2005 ~ Bulk collections for fallen stock to commence

4 May 2005 ~ Farmers Weekly reports that farm leaders say the National Fallen Stock Company is not to blame for the burial ban

27 April 2005 ~ a specialised plastic pallet called a Dolav

27 March 2005 ~A law that stinks to high heaven

8 March 2005 ~ " farmers had co-operated fully in implementation of the scheme, but collection delays and the sight of carcasses left lying around for many days had left them with a bitter taste in their mouths."

25 January 2005 ~ "a safe and viable way to handle animal carcasses on the farm"

December 2004 ~ Hidden cost of the hunt ban

November 2004~ "...perhaps they are right about mad cow disease crossing the species; it's landed at Defra!"

From NPA Forum Nigel Rowe November 23
".....I have spent an entire day trying to make sense of the information given by the helpline.
Firstly I was given names of people that didn't take pigs, then names of companies over 250 miles away, then quoted prices that brought the reaction "You must be joking" from the operator concerned, finally when I did find someone the costs incurred taking into account my annual subscription came out 20% higher than what I am already paying!
Given that they also refused to "not record my phone call" as is our right in this country, I fear for anyone who has no option but to use the scheme which should in principal be a right and proper solution to this government's interference.
Everybody I have spoken to has the same fear of being thrown to the dogs if you are unlucky enough to have a great need for the service.
I sincerely hope their fears are ill founded.
Whilst on the subject of fallen stock can someone please tell me how one farmer can be paid #50k by Defra to compost rotting meat from the catering trade yet his neighbour has to pay #60 to Defra to remove a sow from his farm?
It's beyond me, perhaps they are right about mad cow disease crossing the species; it's landed at Defra!"

October 2004 ~ National Scheme finally to start at the end of November

Aug 19 2004 ~EU approves UK fallen stock plan - "exact date is not yet available"

May 19 ~ Euro rules raise fresh doubt over hunt ban

May 18 ~ Stock burial scheme set for autumn

May 13 2004 ~ New Scheme to Dispose of Dead Farm Stock

May 9 2004 ~ The shambles of Defra's"fallen stock" disposal scheme

April 29 2004 ~".... he told me that he hoped that the fallen stock collection scheme that the Government were planning would be up and running in time for the new year..."

April 7 2004 ~ "The Government are not obliged to provide a National scheme..."

Feb 25 2004 ~ Fallen Stock - the government should use the opportunity of a pan-European review to force a more common sense approach to the regulation