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Bluetongue Farming Today Dec 16 07

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Extract (warmwell transcript)

" present EU rules prevent farmers from moving livestock from high risk areas to low risk ones within this country, so how can cattle be imported from the continent where there have been forty thousand cases of the disease?

DEFRA told us that animals are allowed to be moved from restricted zones into free areas as long as a vet confirms that certain conditions have been met and the Animal Health Agency is given advanced warning.

Nick Blayney, president of the British Veterinary Association believes there is a dangerous loophole.

So do these rules make sense to you or not?The cow didn't show symptoms. So are you saying that we shouldn't be importing any animals at all from any country that has the disease? What then can you do about it? Will you be asking for the rules to be changed? Nick Blayney, president of the BVA.