I have received a vague letter from DEFRA Legal Dept informing me that they have instructed the Sherriff's Office not to continue proceedings against me until they have considered my offer of £30 per month. The ECHR has acknowledged receipt of the information that I sent to them about the High Court warrant and the bailiffs.
I have not seen a copy of the warrant,  nor was I provided with any ID from the two bailiffs or any contact address / tel number when they made the seizure inventory of the goods on 28 January.
The bailiffs had no legal right to seize Matthew's belongings and this complaint will also be sent to the ECHR. The Lord Chancellor's rules state specifically that children's items are not to be listed.
The High Court in London is being highly unhelpful. They have yet to provide me with any response as to whether or not they have received my application for stay of execution sent to them on 31 January.
Donations have come in from all over the country and now total almost £3,000. So a lot of folk do seem to think the cause is worth it.
The local media have been wonderful and the local reporters have been finding out as much as they can for me from DEFRA , and otherwise I would have been kept quite in the dark. DEFRA have made their statements to the press and I therefore hope that they will not rescind on their statement that they have over-charged me and also that the bailiffs will not act until a decision has been made.
The one thing that does bother me is the notice they will give me when / if they make their decision. Knowing how they behaved in 2001 they have no regard for anyone; animal or human, but if they do try to catch us unawares I am prepared for them and shall make sure they know they cannot mess us about.
A UKIP MEP is helping me and feels, as many others do, that DEFRA should have waited for a decision from the ECHR before taking this extreme action, particularly as they wished to be the sole respondent in the case.