Energy White Paper: -

"Don't forget farmed fuels" says CLA

In immediate response to the Government's White Paper, the CLA
comments that  there has been little mention today of the huge contribution
that farmed fuels - biomass, biodiesel, bioethanol can readily make to the
nation's energy needs.  Energy crops can make an important contribution to
Heat, electricity and vehicle fuel supplies.

Oliver Harwood,  CLA's Head of Rural Economy said:

"There has been much talk of wind and nuclear, but the CLA believes
that given the right policy framework, the rural economy can play a
significant role in the reduction of greenhouse gases and other adverse
environmental impacts, and ensure we have a vibrant living and working
countryside for generations to come."

"It is simply insufficient to offer aspirations and warm words. If
we are to address climate change, all forms of renewable energy are
required, and every sector must make a contribution.  Wind power alone
cannot be the answer for renewable electricity. It does not make sense to
rely on reducing traffic for energy savings in the transport sector.
Replacement for fossil fuels is urgently required in the heat sector."

"In all these areas, agriculture and forestry can make a significant
contribution. Energy crops remove carbon from the atmosphere, provide
habitat for wildlife, increase rural employment opportunities, and add to
fuel security. There are huge opportunities for dealing with green waste
that is currently sent to landfill, for dealing with animal slurries in an
environmentally friendly fashion, and for reducing diffuse pollution,
thereby increasing water quality"

"The potential is enormous. Many food crops are in surplus, and
dumping them on third world countries is unsustainable. The land can produce
a significant proportion of our energy needs. For example, it has been
estimated that using the latest technologies, 25% of our land could produce
all the nation's transport fuels".

The CLA urges the Government, energy companies, the public and
farmers to  respond to the logical links between agriculture, forestry,
energy and the environment.

The CLA will be responding in detail to the White Paper. For
Immediate interviews today please contact Pippa Kidson-Trigg or Oliver

For a copy of the CLA "Demand Farmed Fuels!" Campaign pack,
contact/e-mail or telephone 07889 912 881.
For interviews: Oliver Harwood, CLA energy crops expert on 020 7 235