Brussels, 5th February 2003  


food and feed controls

Article 28
Level of fees

Where for the purpose of Article 26 fees are imposed to feed and food business operators, the following principles shall apply:

(a)          the following expenses are eligible for calculating the fees:

(i)      staff salaries;

(ii)      travel and associated costs;

(iii)               laboratory and sampling costs;

(b)          account shall be taken of:

(i)      the interests of feed and food businesses with a small turnover;

(ii)      the level of official controls required, in relation to the quality and intensity of the own checks already carried out by feed and food businesses;

(c)          where in an establishment several official control activities are carried out, these activities must be considered as a single activity and shall not therefore account for multiple fees;

(d)          the methods and data used for the calculation of the fees shall be published or otherwise made available to the public;

(e)          the direct or indirect refund of fees regularly collected by Member States shall be prohibited; however, the application of average fees shall not be regarded as an indirect refund.