1.  The main change to apply to both markets and shows licensed under the Animal Gatherings Order is that there will no longer be a need for market operators or shows organisers to write their own Standard Operating procedure saying how the conditions will be met.  Instead, Defra vets (HQ) will prepare a document to say how the conditions should be met and operators/organisers will be expected to sign-up to that document. 



2.  Market operators are currently responsible for ensuring that those attending the market do not come onto the premises or leave with clothes or vehicles contaminated with animal excreta, cleanse and disinfect their boots before leaving the animal area and clean contaminated clothes when leaving the animal area.


3.  From 4 March, these requirements will be moved from the AGO licence and into the Order itself.  They will therefore become enforceable by the local authority.  As a consequence, some other licence conditions will move from the licence to the Order itself.


4.  These are that the operator must make it clear that the premises are a gathering under the Order, must provide the footbaths and also provide the usual facilities for cleaning or changing clothes.




4.  It is proposed to simplify the shows licence conditions to make for easier enforcement and biosecurity control.


5.  The conditions are expected to be as attached.  Note that the exact wording of the conditions is not yet finalised. 





Part 1.General Conditions

The licence holder must ensure that:


a) the procedure agreed with the DVM for implementing this licence is complied with;


b) the current contingency plan for dealing with a suspect/ confirmed case of notifiable disease is complied with;


c) all reasonable steps are taken to ensure that owners, stockmen, judges, those who lead animals and other show staff who handle animals or animal excreta comply with the terms of this licence;


d) there is a biosecurity officer appointed with responsibility for ensuring that these conditions are complied with.


e) biosecurity on the licensed premises is maintained throughout the duration of the animal gathering;


f) the requirements of the Animal Gatherings (Interim Measures) (England) Order 2003 are complied with.


Part 2.            Facilities at licensed premises

The licence holder must ensure that:


a) animals cannot escape from the licensed premises onto adjacent land and no direct contact is possible with animals on adjacent land.


b) there are signposted facilities which are identified on the site plan for:


7                      cleansing and disinfection of footwear,

7                      hand washing,

7                      changing into and out of protective clothing and for its disposal, and

7                      cleansing and disinfection of protective clothing


at each animal area for the use of owners, stockmen, judges, those who lead animals and other show staff who handle animals or animal excreta;




Part 3.Premises, staff, those tending animals, and other officials

The licence holder must ensure that:


a) all persons who tend animals or handle animal products (including prospective buyers) leave their name and address with the licence holder or his representative to enable tracing in the event of a suspect notifiable disease. This record is kept for a period of 28 days;


b) all livestock are registered with the licence holder in advance;


c) before leaving the animal area, owners, stockmen, judges, those who lead animals and other show staff who handle animals or animal excreta:


7        cleanse and disinfect their footwear if it is contaminated with animal excreta before leaving the animal area, and

7        safely dispose of disposable clothing or change any contaminated clothing.


Part 4.Operations on any day on which a gathering of animals occurs

The licence holder must ensure that:


a) vehicles transporting animals that are not to be fully cleansed and disinfected on the licensed premises must remain within the ‘animal area’ unless the intended movement is:

7        for cleansing and disinfection in accordance with the Transport of Animals (Cleansing & Disinfection) ( England) (No 2) Order 2000; or

7        to return to the premises of origin carrying only those animals (or some of them) which were brought to the premises in the vehicle.


b) no vehicle enters or leaves the licensed premises visibly contaminated with animal excreta;


c) on leaving the animal area (including the show ring), any equipment visibly contaminated with faeces, urine or visible discharges from the nose and mouth that might reasonably be expected to come into contact with susceptible animals outside the gathering is cleansed and disinfected.