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email received Oct 31 2004


This came from some local people I know - and I thought you might be interested.
Oddly enough I have always disapproved of gambling (for myself that is) whether because my Methodist upbringing was always agin gambling OR because my mathematical training made me realise how badly stacked the odds are against you ....

All I know is that I feel uncomfortable about getting into something that could be really addictive.....

Take care



From: Vera & Brian Lloyd

Dear All,

Gambling Bill - Second Reading in Parliament, Monday November 1st 2004.

I am writing to you all because I am very concerned about some of the proposals within the new Gambling Bill, scheduled to have its Second Reading in the House of Commons, next Monday, 1st November.

Whilst the Bill brings good news on the regulatory aspects of gambling and restrictions on children gambling, I am very concerned about the opportunity for "Super Casinos", Las Vegas style, (see the Western Mail 26 October) and the report in the Times last week that there are already 100 planning applications for "Super Casinos", with no restriction on the number of these establishments springing up, other than market forces.

My deepest concern is that there will be unrestricted access to gambling, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The implication for gambling addicts and those who potentially may become addicted is frightening. I do respect and support democratic freedom of choice within our society, but I also think that we have an obligation to protect vulnerable people. As a responsible society we quite rightly take strong action to ensure the protection of our children and young people and those open to drug abuse. Why are we not more protective against the dangers of gambling? Perhaps I would be seen as cynical, but could this differentiation possibly have something to do with the revenue generated for Her Majesty's Government through taxes on gambling?

I would urge you write to or email your MP's, Tony Blair, The Prime Minister and Michael Howard, the Leader of the Oppostion, asking them to give deepest consideration to this matter and calling on them to reject the parts of this Bill which are in danger of damaging and hurting people in real terms, as significantly as if we were freely distributing heroine on our street corners.

Please see this web page to find out how to contact your MP,

Yours sincerely,

Brian Lloyd.

Warmwell note: We agree - and would only add that for those without a fax machine, the best way to get in touch with your MP is not to send the ubiquitous email but to us e the excellent website http//