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 Dear Mary: You should be extremely proud of yourself for consolidating the Badger Control Plan as you've done on Warmwell. At least it gives people the opportunity to read the Plan in full with one simple clik of the mouse button!

I read through it last night. There are a couple of observations I have to share:

1. It is so detailed and so strict that it leaves hardly any incentive to even think of applying for a license, (limited to 10).
What is being put in the press, and what I read in it, are hardly the same. 10 licenses per year is hardly an army.
And the constraints put in place to even begin to qualify for a license will be self-limiting in themselves.

2. It took an awful lot of time and money to even begin to write such documents, let alone publish them. There are
so many limitations, that I believe compliance will be extremely difficult for anyone to comply. I wouldn't even want
to try.

3. This is a classic example of the hierarchy "allowing" such a Plan to be laid down on paper, to satisfy those who
want a cull to proceed, but my points 1. & 2. doom this Plan at its inception, let alone initiation, even if it approved.

4. The penalties of or for non-compliance are extremely vague. Anything can and will happen. The press and your Public's misconceptions are completely wrong. as this is basically another trial, limited to certain defined areas, and
only Professional Marksmen are to be allowed a license. They will have to be schooled and trained, another
time consuming and expensive process which will take several months to do.

5. I don't think the Natural England people have the knowledge or will to enforce these rules.

In summary: This Plan is doomed to fail. Those that do get involved will spend more time reporting and filling in
reports than making progress in the field.

Finally, Yet again, another example of too many people at the top, more government red tape, and a Diktat....not
a general consensus......creeping Loss of Freedom, and more expense, more police intervention, more problems than
a solution.

Today on FWI.....38 degrees has evidently presented it's anti-cull signatories, and the Welsh are confused.

I think DEFRA and Co. did them dirty. Had it not been for you, Mary, no one would even have been able to find and
read the details of these Cull Plan documents.


Gary Burkholder
Abilene, Kansas

Since that being sent, the news is that 38 Degrees submitted their 32,000+ signatures on the 20th....then the NFU has now come out with a statement saying that the NFU is concerned that the whole thing is too complicated, and then the Welsh Assembly say they are so confused they don't even know where they stand. One comment was made that the 10 licensees will be "firms," (not individuals.) That's not stated clearly and concisely in the portion of the Cull Plan, at all.

The Result is: Nothing is happening that open and transparent. ie, More stress and more indecision.

OK, it's put off again. Winter is approaching, which means several things. Badgers will be out and foraging for food.
You can't tell me that the owners of properties don't know where existing setts are, as we know where a badger resides here on acreages and pastures much larger than yours. We don't want them, and we get rid of them....end of story.