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This website, begun early in 2001, shows that our deep disquiet now is not "hindsight" after the events of 2001. At the time we recorded daily agonised dissent from experienced farmers, frustrated vets in the field, FMD scientists whose expertise was rejected and from concerned members of the public distressed and unbelieving at what they were seeing. Six years on and it is all happening again. The DEFRA page below seems to have disappeared - even in its cached form - from the internet. It contains some inconvenient provisos about the policy we are now witnessing.


Disease control and restrictions: Disease Control (Slaughter) Protocol

  1. the identification of a group of animals that are likely to contribute to spread of disease, based on epidemiological modelling, veterinary advice and local factors;
  2. the determination of which species are involved;
  3. consideration of exemptions on the basis of husbandry or other criteria, for example, rare breeds or genetic value;
  4. the determination of the geographical area involved;
  5. the determination of the rules for inclusion or exclusion of animals at the boundary of that area;
  6. analysis of risks, costs and benefits;
  7. the publication of an outline of the reasons why such a cull is needed.
  1. They will consider the views of the owner as to why they believe the decision is wrong.
  2. They must ensure that the veterinary inspector has carried out a full and fair inquiry to establish if the animals meet the appropriate criteria.
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