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"...Tony Blair has destroyed the Labour Party"

Geoffrey Goodman - from an older generation of "thinking Socialists" (when he retired from the Daily Mirror he launched the British Journalism Review) on Heffer in Conversation Radio 4 October 2 2004.

Simon Heffer "..Your party has only been able to retain power by jettisoning Socialism. Do you feel Socialism is a dead letter?"

Geoffrey Goodman: "No, I don't think Socialism is a dead letter any more than Christianity is a dead letter. The form it takes - in whatever form in the future I would think - is highly questionable. I think what has happened now is two remarkable things in British politics.
I think Margaret Thatcher has destroyed the Tory Party and Tony Blair has destroyed the Labour Party and we are now in a completely different political wilderness in which no new credible political force, in the ideological sense, has emerged, or from what I can see, has a prospect of emerging in the near future....
..I wouldn't be happy to work for the Blair government, no. I'm not sure that I'd be happy to work for any government now..."Listen