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(Received April 12 2009)

Hello Wind Warrior

After a delay of almost two years, German wind developer Enertrag (anagram of Green Rat) has finally registered its eight 125 metre turbine application spread over 24 acres of attractive rising chalklands about 7 miles to the south east of Cambridge.  The historic Icknield Way runs close beside the site, and the Roman Road from Cambridge to Horseheath is nearby.  

The rural site is surrounded by attractive villages - a number of them designated Conservation Areas.

Linton Zoo has an internationally important endangered species breeding programme and has succeeded in rearing two Madagascan White Collared Lemurs - the second rarest primate on earth.  

 and the Home Page.  

There is a Site of Special Scientific Interest a stone's throw from one turbine.  
Five bat species in the area have been identified - protected by criminal law from all except the wind industry it would seem.    

The SLWF website

has full contact details of where to email/write if anyone is willing to support us.  The deadline is 22 April, but there is some leeway of a day or two.

The campaign is very active and the local forum wind thread has so far had 48,131 visits,67.0.html
Any help from the Members will be greatly appreciated.

Seven of the proposed 125 metre turbines would be within South Cambridgeshire District Council’s area – the eighth just over the Uttlesford District Council border near Saffron Walden.   

Please email:  and quote Ref: S/0232/09/F
Linton Seven Wind Turbine planning application (eight in total)

Also please email:
and quote Ref: UTT/0232/09/FUL
Linton One Wind Turbine planning application (eight in total)
Grateful thanks to all who send emails.