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Extract from pdf file Royal Courts of Justice Thursday, 2Ist June 2001 - Lord Justice Harrison's summing up

"Considerable reliance is placed by Mr. Smith on Mrs. Upton's behalf on two articles which were published in the Veterinary Record on 12th May this year.
One relates to the relative resistance of pigs to infection by aerosols of the virus and one relates to the relative risks of the air-borne spread of the disease by different species.
Both of those articles relate which was supported by MAFF and they emanate from the Institute of Animal Health at Pirbright, which is a very important centre for reference in relation to, amongst other diseases, foot and mouth disease. D r . Donaldson was a joint author of both of those articles and I am told;. and I have no reason to doubt it, that he is one of the world authorities on this subject. ............

I am bound to say I am not impreseed by Mr. Landeg's dismissal of the two articles as red herrings..."



Relative risks of the uncontrollable (airborne) spread of FMD by different species A.I.DONALDSON, S.ALEXANDERSEN, J.H.S0RENSEN, T.MIKKELSEN

Concludes: "The implementation of the 48-hour contiguous herd culling policy has resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals and created severe disposal problems. The potential benefits of culling all animals on all contiguous premises within 48 hours should be weighed against the likelihood that many of the contiguous premises did not contain infected animals,the impact of having to dispose of the resultant animal carcases and the diversion of very limited veterinary resources and support staff from surveillance activities."



































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