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Influenza A (H1N1)


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February 2010 ~ The WHO is likely to recommend inclusion of the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 strain in future vaccines for seasonal influenza.

February 2010 ~ H1N1 virus present in animals in twenty countries

December 10 2009 ~ "a key plank of the evidence for Tamiflu's effectiveness is being called into question.

December 2 2009 ~Swine flu confirmed in pigs on a farm in Norfolk

December 2 2009 ~ "It appears as if we may see continuing, if not increasing, numbers of reports of "reverse transmission" of this zoonotic disease from humans to animal species."

November 29 2009 ~ Dogs test positive to H1N1 in China

November 25 2009 ~ CDC is investigating 10 proved or suspected cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome

November 21 2009 ~ WHO is assessing the importance of a mutation

November 20 2009 ~ 1st unequivocal occurrence of Tamiflu-resistant virus from person to person.

November 19 2009 ~ "the latest weekly bulletin showed a sharp rise in patient deaths and the number of children being admitted to hospital."

November 18 2009 ~ Ukraine: WHO report - "As of 17 Nov 2009, preliminary tests reveal no significant changes in the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus based on investigations of samples taken from patients in Ukraine..."

November 16 2009 ~ Ukraine: ".. still unclear to what extent pandemic (H1N1) virus infection is responsible for this situation," says ProMed

November 8/9 2009 ~ "So far, no evidence has suggested that animals play any particular role in the epidemiology or the spread of the pandemic H1N1 2009 virus among humans." Bernard Vallat

November 6 2009 ~ The World Health Organization has forecasted three waves of A/H1N1 flu in Ukraine and in the world

November 5 2009 ~ Cat with H1N1

November 2 2009 ~ H1N1: Grim situation in the Ukraine

October 19 2009 ~ H1N1 " the largest vaccination campaign in Canadian history...but the public remains confused"

October 16 2009 ~ Vaccination programme starts next week

October 6 2009 ~ "the Canadian experience is exceptional and has not been observed elsewhere"


October 6 2009 ~ Tamiflu in drinking water: ".. inevitable that society will need to devise ways of conserving water by recycling our wastewater."

October 3 2009 ~ Birds are being exposed to waterborne residues of Tamiflu's active form and could spread drug-resistant strains of flu.

October 1 2009 ~ The Irish pigs contracted H1N1 from a farmworker

September 26 2009 ~ "it appears as though the southern hemisphere countries in the Americas are starting to see decreased influenza activity, and northern hemisphere is beginning to increase in activity

September 20 2009 ~ New wave already here?

September 20 2009 ~ European countries agreed to share vaccine this week under a European Commission plan.

September 20 2009 ~ Top 10 list of what's important to know includes "just ride it out and not take antiviral medications"

September 19 2009 ~ Is this another instance of the virus travelling from humans into pigs?

September 11 2009 ~ "unsubstantiated speculation about the inevitability of a 2nd wave of infection"

September 5 2009 ~ "Singapore is the 4th country detecting and reporting pandemic influenza H1N1 virus in porcines, preceded by Canada, Argentina, and Australia..."

Sept 4 2009 ~ "Swine flu death estimate lowered" says BBC

September 1 2009 ~ "we are moving into an arena of global ethics.."

September 1 2009 ~ World Health Organization hopes that every country is willing to share results of its clinical trials

September 1 2009 ~ "Please can you only play cards with the person next to you and not in large groups..."

August 30 2009 ~ The spread to turkeys (Chile) Who should get priority for H1N1 vaccine?

August 30 2009 ~ Preparing for the 2nd wave: lessons from current outbreaks Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 - ProMed psoting

August 28 2009 ~ "The continued profligate use of Tamiflu in the treatment of mild infections may ultimately promote the expansion of Tamiflu-resistant virus.." ProMed moderator

August 26, 2009 ~ Emergency authorisation from the FDA approval for rapid H1N1 flu Testing on Portable Lab - for the military

August 24 2009 ~ Half of GPs said they believe swine flu is too mild to justify taking a vaccine

August 21 2009 ~ No Tamiflu for mild cases, says WHO

August 10 ~ Tamiflu and Relenza - ".. the findings review of seven research studies should prompt the Department of Health to reconsider its policy"

Monday, 10 August 2009 ~ Independent Leading article: This abuse of Tamiflu is dangerous for all of us

August 6 2009 ~ "as always, government policy holds little sway in a consulting room with an intelligent pregnant woman asking entirely sensible questions."

August 6 2009 ~ WHO predicts one third of the world's population will be infected

August 6 2009 ~Tamiflu-resistant mutation of A(H1N1) already in United States, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong and Japan

August 3 2009 ~ 33 percent of A(H1N1) patients "asymptomatic"?

July 23 2009 ~ Swine flu's oink worse than its bite

July 27 2009 ~ Professor Roy Anderson's "clear conflict of interest"

July 23 2009 ~ "Most confirm that the one thing not to take is Tamiflu"

July 20 2009 ~ Seasonal flu results in an estimated 40,000 to 200,000 deaths each year in the EU...

July 19 2009 ~ "giving out all this Tamiflu is a recipe for disaster..."

Monday July 13 2009 ~ The blessings of vaccination

Tuesday July 7 2009 ~ Swine Flu should now be termed "pandemic (H1N1) 2009"

June 24 2009 ~ A/H1N1 flu cases about 3,000 now in the UK

Friday June 5 2009 ~ H1N1 cases in the UK has reached 404

Wednesday, 3 June 2009 ~ A/H1N1 - Healthy Scot is now critically ill

May 27 2009 ~ A triumph of hope by the Department of Health over any sensible evidence?

May 25 2009 ~ "This is going to be a marathon rather than a sprint..."

May 23 2009 ~ WHO flu update 36..

May 21 2009 - "Vaccination - the foundation of prevention": Professor Albert Osterhaus on H1N1

May 16 2009 ~ A/H1N1 quietly rumbles on.

May 14 2009 ~ Could the development of A/H1N1 have been 'human error'?

May 13 2009 ~ Three Additional Cases of Influenza A (H1N1) Confirmed. UK Total Case Count Rises to 68

May 11 2009 ~ Rapid RT-PCR test kits now being used all across America to differentiate flu virus strain

Monday May 11 2009 ~ Producing flu vaccine: "There's a reason why not a lot of (companies) want to do this.."

10 May 2009 ~ Today's H1N1 map shows flu cases in the Southern Hemisphere

May 10 2009 ~ Vaccine meeting on May 14

10 May 2009 ~ "Perhaps our Government would have done better to send a leaflet to itself".

Sunday 10 May 2009 ~ "best course of action for the welfare of the herd" was to kill 500 of them

Saturday May 9 2009 ~ H1N1 The WHO's latest flu tally puts the number of confirmed infections at 3440 cases worldwide in 29 countries

May 8 2009 ~ "the converging crises of the 21st Century"

Friday May 8 2009 ~ H1N1 "still serious gaps in the knowledge about the virus"

May 7 2009 ~ H1N1: 28 confirmed cases in England and four in Scotland.

May 6 2009 ~ Flu origin? What is of more importance is any gene changes which increase virulence.

May 6 2009 ~ "One World, One Health" said the OIE in January....but global sickness looks ever more likely

May 6 2009 ~ WHO update 16 - Now 27 cases in the UK

May 5 2009 ~ H1N1 in Southern Hemisphere countries: " We are in a critical phase."

May 5 2009 ~ OIE comments on the findings of "A/H1N1" in pigs in Canada

May 5 2009 ~ "an animal virus like swine flu is a completely predictable (and was a widely predicted) response to our modern horribly cruel and appallingly filthy factory farming systems."

Tuesday May 5 2009 ~ As of 18:00 GMT last night, 21 countries have officially reported 1085 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection.

May 4 2009 ~ "... nine meals from anarchy"

Monday May 4 2009 ~ WHO latest update on H1N1

May 3 2009 ~ H1N1 over-reaction? Margaret Chan says the flu could return "with a vengeance"

May 3 2009 ~ A Mexican worker may have infected Canadian pigs with H1N1 - an "important new development" says ProMed

May 3 2009 ~"... flies were recognised as causal factor in the respiratory disease that was affecting the locals at that time"

May 3 2009 ~ Sows at La Gloria live with their piglets in cages so small that they have room to lie down but not turn around

Saturday May 2 2009 ~ "It isn't the pig factory smells... but commercial units with hundreds and thousands of pigs are sufficiently large to provide the "immune driven mutation.." writes Dr Ruth Watkins

May 2 2009 ~ H1N1 From ProMed summary of the current situation

May 1 2009 ~ Private Eye sums it up....

May 1 2009 ~ "The Department of Defense can fast track a reagent within hours for use in hand held satellite linked PCR device..."

May 1 2009 ~ Rapid diagnostic test: "this identifies the current H1 and future changes in that target that have not yet evolved"

May 1 2009 ~ "If you want to get money out of government, go and ask government for money for your research," says Simon Jenkins

May 1 2009 ~ "Factory farms are not biosecure at all."

May 1 2009 ~ " it is unclear whether or not anybody has actually tested the pigs and workers at Granjas Carroll"

May 1 2009 ~ "The situation continues to evolve rapidly," says WHO - but advises no restriction of regular travel or closure of borders.

Friday May 1 2009 ~ Britain's first flu case of infection inside Britain

April 29 2009 ~ The UN says Egypt's plan to cull pigs is a mistake

April 29 2009 ~ "f you are a parasite/pathogen, it pays not to kill your host..."

April 29 2009 ~ H1N1: "What one would like to see is a professional and independent analysis of the methodologies currently being used, as well as methodologies that could be used but aren't."

April 29 2009 ~ H1N1: The Independent looks hard at Smithfield pig factory operations

Wednesday April 29 2009 ~ H1N1: "The analysis of Dr. Rabadan and colleagues is surprising..."

April 27/28 2009 ~ First suspected cases of H1N1 in Germany (tests returned negative)

April 27 2009 ~ "Influenza A (H1N1) virus, human"

April 26 2009 ~WHO's current pandemic alert phase is still at level 3

April 26 2009~ " a reminder that Mother Nature is still the most skilled bioterrorist out there.."

April 26 2009 ~ Concern mounts that the new Mexican 'swine' flu strain could cause a pandemic