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.....The Bernard Matthews outbreak. Still questions unanswered

November 25th 2014 ~ How is H5N8 bird flu spreading in Europe? Are "migratory birds" still thought responsible?

November 24th 2014 ~ Third case of H5N8 confirmed in the Netherlands

November 20th 2014 ~ Bird Flu H5N8 - possible links to cases in Germany and Netherlands

April 7 2006 ~ "Was this swan a 'truly wild' migrant that prefers fresh water, or a resident partially domesticated bird that died elswhere and was dumped in the harbour?

April 6 2006 ~ "Decisions will also have to be made on whether culling might be necessary."

April 6 2006 ~ " there are two distinct strains of H5N1 circulating in China. .the full release of sequences held by Weybridge would be useful."

April 6 2006 ~ U.K. Swan Had H5N1 Virus

April 6 2006 ~ "CVO Charles Milne last night on Newsnight did not seem averse to vaccination"

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ " ..a vaccination programme would be accompanied by monitoring. And if vaccination for zoo birds, in close proximity to the public is allowed, why is not allowed for waterfowl and rare species collections, pet birds and free range birds?

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ "Our friends in Holland are greatly relieved that they can get on with vaccinating their hobby and free range birds..." Here in the UK, "there is there is no policy other than cull, cull, cull....."

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu Scotland. Exercise Hawthorn stopped

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu In Germany

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Bird Flu - No one remembers or challenges his ignorance so David King's "advice" scotches vaccination - again

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ Mr Bradshaw's contention (via David King) that "available vaccines are too limited to provide a fully effective or efficient solution" is in direct contradiction to the OIE's view

April 2 - 9 2006 ~ "Geese just stop eating and crawl into a corner to die; others have suffocated because their provisionary roofs collapsed.....one has not even counted the hundreds of wild waterfowl in distress. Grim reality of free range birds locked up

April 2 - 9 2006 ~CHRONOLOGY-Bird flu developments

April 2 2006 ~ Intervet already sells around 28 vaccines to protect poultry.

April 2 2006 ~ "..the loudest voices of the H5N1 alarm... stand to earn fame and funding by stoking pandemic fears."

April 2 2006 ~ "The World Bank has approved a credit of 50 million U.S. dollars to support Nigeria's efforts

April 2 2006 ~ 4th Swiss avian infected " the widespread (but apparently hidden) presence of H5N1 in the wild bird population in significant parts of Europe"

March 31 2006 ~ Poultry World highlights Hong Kong vaccination success and questions UK "misinformation"

March 31 2006 ~ Defra's "extensive guidance" and the compulsory slaughter of healthy free range birds

March 30 2006 ~" An alternative strategy... should be in place to protect these outdoor birds"

March 30 2006 ~ "The evolution of the H5N1 outbreak in Israel might be of interest to other countries with similarly dense, intensive poultry industry. In particular, it will be interesting to see whether the non-vaccination policy is maintained "

March 29 2006 ~ The Orkney AI scare "Just how long it took to get the samples to the appropriate laboratory is not disclosed..."

March 29 2006 ~ DEFRA is keeping its plans for Exercise Hawthorn "under wraps"

March 29 2006 ~ Passive immunotherapy for influenza A H5N1 virus infection with equine hyperimmune globulin F(ab' )2 in mice

March 29 2006 ~ "The collective expertise of the world right now cannot tell you whether the virus moved by human agency in poultry and poultry products in animal feeds or whether it moved by the natural agency of wild birds.."

March 29 2006 ~ "poverty, not ignorance, had driven people to rear poultry in secret..."

March 28 2006 ~ "Horse antibodies against the bird flu virus H5N1 are effective as treatment in mice

March 27/28 2006 ~ "Before Vietnam began vaccinating poultry in mid-2005, the disease was rampant among birds there. Of the world's 186 confirmed human cases, 93 are from Vietnam. There have been no new cases this year.."

March 26 2006 ~ "At least two large mutations and two small mutations away from being the next human pandemic virus..."

March 25 2006 ~ " Wild birds can be ruled out as the cause of the bird flu virus outbreak at a French turkey farm"

March 24 2006 ~ "Studies suggest avian flu pandemic is not imminent" New York Times article

March 24 2006 ~ "Jordan became the latest country in the Middle East to confirm cases of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu on Friday

March 24 2006 ~ China is giving free bird flu and FMD vaccines to its farmers

March 24 2006 ~ Member States can get provisional authorisation for use of vaccination

March 23 2006 ~ " Vaccination plans should be submitted to the EU Commission before seeking approval to actually start vaccinating"

March 23 2006 ~ No scientific "evidential basis" could be referred to or quoted by Ben Bradshaw yesterday

March 22 2006 ~ " we would control the disease by culling all birds on any infected premises and dangerous contacts

March 22 2006 ~ " the vaccines made in China at the Harbin Veterinary Institute conformed to international standards and were fully effective."

March 22 2006 ~ "The Chinese are using a number of different vaccines and one of the vaccines it is claimed has a high efficacy," David King

March 21 2006 ~ Health risk excuse again

March 21 2006 ~ Bird flu confirmed in Pakistan

March 21 2006 ~ Bird flu likely would be detected in the United States this year

March 21 2006 ~ Apologies about the item below

March 20 2006 ~ "... the real victims of industrially produced, lethal H5N1

March 20 2006 ~ A brave new world withour free range poultry

March 20 2006 ~ "So far there has been no confirmed case of a healthy, live chicken being a carrier of the virus,"

March 20 2006 ~ "When bona-fide, certified, safety-and-efficacy- tested vaccines are used, the results do not disappoint."

March 20 ~ CIWF says "where possible, maximum use should be made of both protective and emergency vaccination

March 19/20 2006 ~ A distressing email from Demark

March 19/20 2006 ~ Meanwhile, in Germany, a paper is to be presented to the Minister of Agriculture, Herr Seehofer

March 19/20 2006 ~ German petition for vaccination

March 19/20 2006 ~Chinese H5N1 vaccine : "... Challenge studies performed at 2, 3 and 43 weeks p.v. indicated that all of the chickens were completely protected from disease signs and death.

March 19/20 2006 ~Israel - Health authorities have decided to fly 4 million doses of bird flu vaccines into Israel from The Netherlands.

March 19/20 2006 ~ China: Possibilities of bird flu outbreaks reduced, says China's CVO

March 18 2006 ~ Vaccination costs about 10p per bird

March 18 2006 ~ "...the range of hosts will increase as the virus affects new ecosystems..." Ilaria Capua says that in this situation, researchers don't have the right to restrict access to data

March 18 2006 ~ "They asked me about my own experience in 2003, and why I hadn't replaced my birds..

March 17 2006 ~ Orkney - chicken deaths

March 16 2006 ~ "This is a good way to keep bird flu out,"Cees Veerman

March 16 2006 ~Denmark has confirmed

March 16 2006 ~ Israel suspects bird flu killed turkeys on two farms in its southern Negev region

March 16 2006 ~ A farm on Orkney has been sealed off and tests are under way after about 100 hens were found dead on Wednesday.

March 15 2006 ~ "There are many pros and no cons for the vaccine,"

March 15 2006 ~ Cees Veerman, the Dutch minister of agriculture, will be the first to have his hobby birds vaccinated tomorrow

March 14 2006 ~ Dutch voluntary vaccination campaign against bird flu will begin on Thursday

March 13 2006 ~ Myanmar ( Burma ) has reported its first case of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu

March 13 2006 ~ "...which bird species overwinters in China and migrates back to France through Russia in the space of a single season?"

March 12 2006 ~ The sheer cost of bird flu may command more respect for the idea of modernising disease control than any question of ethics or common sense

March 11 2006 ~ Two dead swans near Peterborough

March 10 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw continues to quote David King.

March 10 2006 ~ complete and utter confusion

March 10 2006 ~ Bird Flu. Three counties in Germany are now solidly against the imposition of regulations keeping free range hens in cages

March 9 2006 ~ Chinese paper "Protective efficacy in chickens, geese and ducks of an H5N1-inactivated vaccine developed by reverse genetics"

March 9 2006 ~ " just isolating and sequencing a virus that comes in the mail does not give researchers the right to sit on the data, especially not at a government lab."

March 9 2006 ~ H5N1 bird flu virus has been confirmed today in a stone marten on the island of Ruegen

March 9 2006 ~ " Health takes priority over international trade agreements and intellectual property

March 9 2006 ~ "Asked if there had been any decisions to update contingency plans, the PMOS said there had not been any.

March 8 2006 ~ Professor John Oxford wants the UK to follow the Dutch on vaccination "I would like us to get our precautionary level up to theirs"

March 8 2006 ~ Professor Albert Osterhaus "We woudn't like to take the risk again...we need to go for vaccination"

March 8 2006 ~ "We are continuing to work with stakeholders.."

18th February 2006 ~ first case of the virus in India?

18th February 2006 ~ "Vested interests mean wild birds are being blamed for the spread of avian flu

17th February 2006 ~ "The French authorities have already applied emergency containment measures set out at EU level

17th February 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw said.... "Currently available vaccines do not make vaccination effective or efficient as a disease control or prevention measure for avian influenza

17th February 2006 ~ The spread of H5N1 by wild birds "is a horrible assumption that a lot of people are making,"

9th February 2006 ~ Nigeria "It remains unclear if the outbreak has been triggered by migratory birds or by the trade and movement of poultry or poultry products,"

9th February 2006 ~ "EU governments may soon be able to request funding to vaccinate their poultry against bird flu

8th February 2006 ~ ProMed comment on the Nigeria situation

8th February 2006 ~ WHO reports H5N1 in Africa.

7th February 2006 ~ ProMed comment on latest cases in Iraq

6th February 2006 ~ Britain to spend #2 million on artificially infecting chickens

6th February 2006 ~ Bird flu in Iraq - control efforts are hampered by violence and poor infrastructure

4th February 2006 ~"If we send the samples on Monday or Tuesday to the EU-registered laboratory in England, we will have the results by the end of the week,"

3rd February 2006 ~ The German government has ordered farmers to keep their poultry indoors

2nd February 2006 ~ "a feasible vaccine strategy against existing and newly emerging viruses of highly pathogenic avian influenza to prepare against a pandemic.."

1st February 2006 ~ Hong Kong kills birds in 3 mile radius folling discovery of illegal import

January 31st 2006 ~ EU confirms the H5N1 strain of avian flu in a sample taken from poultry in northern Cyprus.

January 31st 2006 ~ A 15-year-old girl has died of the bird flu in Iraq

January 28th 2006 ~ The key will be the quick submission of samples to the testing laboratory and "immediate assessment" of samples

January 27th 2006 ~ "people have overwhelmingly caught the virus from their backyard chickens, not from passing wild ducks."

January 27th 2006 ~ "Determination of the complete sequences of the genomes of 169 influenza A viruses, including representatives of all known subtypes, is a very significant achievement"

January 26th 2006 ~ Bird flu vaccinations in Vietnam show promising early results

January 26th 2006 ~ "wild birds may introduce the virus, but it is through man and man's marketing systems (the poultry trade) that the disease spreads. ."

January 26th 2006 ~ "Role of Migratory Birds"

January 26th 2006 ~ culling migratory birds must be strongly discouraged, for it could have unknown ecological consequences.

January 26th 2006 ~ "either the Turkish authorities are over-estimating the number of human avian influenza cases, or the number of cases of infection in East Asia is being under-estimated."

January 24th 2006 ~ 23 days for samples to be tested for avian influenza

January 25th 2006 ~ The latest Fact sheet from WHO

23rd January 2006 ~ "the vital importance of surveillance and effective early warning systems"

20th January 2006 ~ Germany is poised to follow the Dutch and French examples

18th January 2006 ~ WHO report

18th January 2006 ~ Although the WHO does not know the total number of young people infected with H5N1 worldwide, most of the cases in Turkey involved children and teenagers between the ages of four and 18.

15/16th January 2006 ~ "Only free range birds are to be destroyed, as factory reared chickens are under control "

15/16th January 2006 ~ The Ministry of Health in Indonesia has confirmed an additional case of human infection with the H5N1 avian influenza virus.

January 15/16 2006 ~" Whether the virus is introduced by wild birds or poultry is irrelevant to my proposal...."

January 15 2006 ~ isn.t the best test of a plan one that has to be implemented at short notice?

January 15/16 2006 ~ "Bird flu: Death in the air It really could kill millions..." is the sensationalist headline of the article

January 15/16 2006 ~ H5N1 "a different policy for Turkey other than simply culling should be adopted."

January 12 2006 ~ Dutch to fight bird flu by mass poultry vaccination

January 12 2006 ~ "Neither country has experienced further outbreaks and that is despite hundreds of thousands of migrating birds visiting them"

January 11 2006 ~ Avian Influenza, Turkey: "you create a protective area around an outbreak through vaccination" Bernard Vallat

January 11 2006 ~ "The Paris-based OIE said poultry vaccination should be considered in Turkey

January 11 2006 ~ it is important to be clear both as to what is going on and what the right responses should be.

January 6 2006 ~ Third child dies from suspected bird flu in eastern Turkey

6th January 2006 ~ Bird Flu has been confirmed as the killer of at least two of the three siblings in the Kiziksa district of Balikesir , Turkey. "We know they've died from H5, but we don't know yet from what strain," spokesman Michael Mann said, adding that the EU was expecting test results from British laboratories in the "coming days".

6th January 2006 ~ The World Health Organisation said last night that fears of a global human flu pandemic were exaggeratedGuardian Even so,

December 26th 2005 ~ China will produce one billion doses of a flu vaccine for birds by the end of the month.

20 December 2005 ~ EU raises farmer compensation in battle on bird flu

20 December 2005 ~ US health agency says China open on bird flu

10th December 2005 ~UN's top bird flu expert "furious"

9th December 2005 ~ "the disease can be quickly contained and eliminated without recourse to vaccination. However Defra will continue to explore the situation regarding vaccination.."

December 1 2005 ~ Who pays for Bird Flu?

30 November 2005 ~ The DIVA strategy has successfully been used in outbreaks of avian influenza in Italy since 2000.

28 November 2005 ~"Our conclusion is that vaccination of poultry can prevent a major outbreak of highly pathogenic avian flu viruses,"

22 November 2005 ~ "The smugglers had used false papers from Taiwan, where H5N1 has never been known."

21 November 2005 ~ "The quarantine system, far from being watertight, now looks more like a collander"

November 19th 2005 ~ "a choice of vaccines that can be applied"

16th November 2005 ~ "....power can be exercised whether or not the poultry is affected with avian influenza or suspected of being so affected."

16th November 2005 ~ China plans to vaccinate all its poultry in the country: Defra says "vaccination is not expected to be part of the current GB avian influenza control strategy"

16th November 2005 ~ No apologies, no explanations

16th November 2005 ~ " The review will....... cover the work of Defra and its agencies, HM Customs and Revenue and the role of local authorities....."

15th November 2005 ~ "China is in the process of vaccinating all the poultry in the country,"

14th November 2005 ~ "We should not buy the vaccine first for humans but for poultry.....we must find the root and the source of the problem. We must prioritize the animals."

12th November 2005 ~ the following key points in the global action plan on bird flu, agreed upon at the Geneva conference:

11th November 2005 ~ Bird Flu "Experimental and field studies have shown that properly used vaccines will accomplish several goals:

10th November 2005 ~ "between 9 and 18 days after vaccination mortality was low and after this period no more deaths occurred. "

8th/9th November 2005 ~ Bird Flu: "immediate and fair compensation mechanisms for livestock producers.....the option of vaccination should be considered as a back-up policy..."

8th November 2005 ~" Authorities in Beijing are seizing and killing chickens and ducks being raised in private homes"

5th November 2005 ~ More than 400 animal and human health experts, senior policy makers, economists and industry representatives will meet in Geneva next week

3/4th November 2005 ~ "vaccination is not expected to be part of the current GB avian influenza control strategy " Defra says.

31st October 2005 ~"If the stories that other birds went through the quarantine centre at the same time are untrue, then the government should say so."

31st October 2005 ~ European legislation permits "Market Authorisation" to be bypassed in exceptional, objective and verifiable circumstances

31st October 2005 ~ Spain's stockpile of bird flu vaccine will be 10 million doses . Quarantine to be set up around any suspected outbreaks

31st October 2005 ~ Where is the leadership?

31st October 2005 ~ Lessons not learned

30th October 2005 ~ "Defra's experts went out of their way to ignore him."

30th October 2005 ~ It needed only Roy Anderson

October 29th 2005 ~ "Vaccinate" urges Soil Association. "Culling and good biosecurity" says Debby Reynolds

October 29 -~ Farming This Week made it clear that the UK did indeed oppose an EU ban on the importation of wild birds seven months ago.

October 28th 2005 ~ The Soil Association "vaccination in the form of a ring-fence is a proven, effective tool that should be used ahead of any moves to bring organic and free-range poultry indoors"

October 27th/28th 2005 ~ "unbelievable that Defra can't understand the detail of the EU regulation..."

October 27th 2005 ~ Bird owners might start asking DEFRA now to make preparations for avian flu vaccination

October 27th 2005 ~ USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) developed a rapid diagnostic test for avian influenza two years ago and used it in Texas.

October 27th 2005 ~ Brett Hammond made #7.7million by smuggling exotic birds.

October 27th 2005 ~ DEFRA demands cooperation from all livestock producers. How much competent management and reciprocal help is offered?

October 26th 2005 ~ An earlier batch of birds that could have been carrying a subclinical avian flu infection were kept at Brentwood before the Surinam parrots arrived.

Oct 26 2005 ~ DEFRA mindset is still for mass slaughter. Robin Maynard calls this "medieval". Intervet says Hong Kong free of all outbreaks since using vaccine instead of killing.

October 26th 2005 ~ Pegasus Birds Ltd. says, "We have been told by Defra not to say anything."

October 24th 2005 ~ "A reservoir for cross contamination" Why did Debby Reynolds say that the UK quarantine rules were working?

October 24th 2005 ~ The parrot: "It is unlikely that it came to the UK infected.."

October 23/24th 2005 ~ Panic and the cuckoo's nest

October 21 2005 ~ a single poultry register - "We know where you live"

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ Illegal imports. Deliberate spread?

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ "no chance of an imminent bird flu pandemic" says ECDC

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ All fowl to be vaccinated in Vietnam - Avian Influenza - latest information

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ Farmers and vets are the front line. Essential for any disease control or eradication program: ".. properly equipped and well-manned veterinary services, independent of political pressures and backed by the necessary diagnostic capabilities...." together with cooperation from farmers able to trust in the authorities.

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ "... public concern that new technological advances in vaccine production, diagnostic testing and epidemiology have not been significantly employed."

September 26- 30 2005 ~ USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal Surveillance Program - necessary or another Big Brother imposition?


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September 26- 30 2005 ~ USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal Surveillance Program - necessary or another Big Brother imposition?


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