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Protecting Poultry from Avian 'Flu


Elm Farm Research Centre and other members of the "preventive vaccination alliance" invite you to the launch of the detailed policy document - Vaccination Nation?...a study of the arguments surrounding the use of preventive vaccination for the control of H5N1 avian flu in poultry. The event is sponsored by Richard Benyon MP (Newbury).


Where?  Dining Room B, House of Commons, Westminster, London, SW1 0AA 


When?    19th July 2006; 1600 1800


Why?   "At all costs, in combating H5N1, we must avoid the vaccine-free zone that the catastrophic 2001 foot and mouth outbreak became," says Elm Farm Research Centre's Director Lawrence Woodward. "We must show that we have all learned the lesson that planned, timely, preventive vaccination is the scientifically proven, politically acceptable route for controlling such serious diseases."


H5N1 avian influenza (AI) is poised to become endemic within the UK.

It is a disease we will all have to learn to live with. Spring 2006 saw it sweep westwards from S E Asia through Turkey and across the EU to surface in Fife and Norfolk. By whatever mechanisms it is transported (wild birds, poultry products, human travel), it will be back.


The Government's chief scientific adviser, Professor Sir David King says we must plan for H5N1 to be in this country for five years or more.

"We are talking about the possibility of this disease becoming endemic here in the UK as it did in China. It is a long-term factor," says Sir David. His solution is to shut away all birds in what he sees as bio-secure sheds, or to slaughter birds where housing is impractical.

There has to be a better way. And planned, preventive vaccination is it.


Defra must commit itself to draw up a draft AI preventive vaccination plan/campaign ready for EU approval for Autumn 2006. Alongside such a plan, it must ensure that the UK has access to sufficient stocks of suitable AI vaccines.  Political engagement with this process is critical.


(Elm Farm Research Centre is the UK's leading organic farming research and advisory body based near Newbury in Berkshire. It is grateful for the help it has received from like-minded farming and poultry organisations in the preparation of the report.)


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