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First item from Farming Today

Wednesday January 17th 2007.

Anna Hill: A family whose pet cow is under threat of slaughter, managed to fend off an attempt by government officials to put it down last week, and have now secured a Judicial Review.
Harriet is a suspected BSE cohort, meaning she shared housing and possibly feed with another animal which later died from Mad Cow Disease. Under European law, as a so-called "cohort", Harriet should be put down. She's owned by David Price in Gloucestershire.

Last week he was horrified to find no fewer than 22 officials had turned up on his farm to cull her:

Anna Hill: Farmer David Price. Well, Mark Harper is the Conservative MP for the Forest of Dean. He feels that the attempt to take Harriet away from her farm is similar to action taken by the government during Foot and Mouth Disease. Anna Hill: What happens now then? Is there going to be a judicial review? Anna Hill: What does the European Law actually say? Is it up to Member States themselves to decide whether these animals which were cohorts of BSE cattle and might not have been fed the same feed but were brought up on the same farm, whether they must be culled or not? Anna Hill: MP Mark Harper. And DEFRA says it will await the outcome of the Judicial Review before commenting.