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May 9 2008 ~"overall there is little sign that policy-makers have grasped the enormity of what has happened."

Example letter

Dear [MP's Name],

I would be grateful if you could sign EDM 1453 - 'Energy and Food Prices and Peak Oil', which has been tabled by John Hemming MP (Chair of the Peak Oil APPG) and seconded by Colin Challen MP (Chair of the Climate Change APPG). I think this is a very important issue which the government is not addressing adequately.

Here is the text of the EDM:

EDM 1453

ENERGY AND FOOD PRICES AND PEAK OIL That this House notes that current movements in energy and food prices are in conformance with the predictions as to what would happen as oil production peaks; and calls for the Government urgently to review its predictions as to when peak oil occurs with a view to determining whether or not urgent policy adjustments are called for


If you do not want to sign this EDM, I would be most grateful if you could explain why.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Your Address]


























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