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16 November 2005 ~ Failure. The Board of Trustees approved amalgamation of High Yewdale Farm "'We have listened carefully to the many points of view both for and against the proposals and have reached the clear view that, in this particular case, the allocation of High Yewdale’s land to neighbouring farm tenants is the right decision."

8th / 9th November 2005 ~ High Yewdale Farm The Board of Trustees meet to discuss this vital issue on November 16th. Emails to the Secretary of the National Trust might mention some of the main points for asking the Trustees to overturn the National Trust's decision to split up High Yewdale Farm and ‘relocate’ the hefted High Yewdale sheep. In the opinion of those who knew Beatrix Potter, its famous benefactor would have been aghast at the National Trust's high handed behaviour.

11/12th October 2005 One extra letter to the National Trust might just do the trick.. As Peter Greenhill wrote; "By breaking up this historic farm you drive yet another nail into the coffin of fell farming which is still recovering from the ravages of the Foot and Mouth disaster."
Please email warmwell if you could write to the National Trust to urge them to keep High Yewdale for the nation - but are not sure where to send your letter.

8 October 2005 ~ The National Trust's own Executive Council is challenging the Trust's decision to break up the farm! ".. after a constructive debate at its meeting (on Thursday) the National Trust Council has decided to refer the issue of High Yewdale to its highest decision making body — the Board of Trustees —for its consideration.” See Sunday's North West Evening Mail The National Trust Board of Trustees is expected to consider the issue in November.

8 October 2005 ~ Reasons NOT to break up the farm.

October 2005 ~ "National Trust should have been more optimistic over High Yewdale decision" - Tim Farron

National Trust news ~
"In its recent coverage, the BBC have indicated that High Yewdale farm in the Lake District is being broken up and the land sold off to neighbouring farms. The Trust wishes to clarify that it is not selling any of the land at High Yewdale. This is inalienable land, donated to us by Beatrix Potter and we will continue to own it and rent it to local tenant farmers..."

28/30 June 2005 ~ The National Trust have conceded virtually all the points raised by those arguing that High Yewdale be retained as a functioning farm , but show no sign of reconsidering their decision. Please do write to the National Trust - or write again

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