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Janet's bid to save the BRECON BEACON SHEEP

Farmers for Livestock Wales co-ordinator Janet Hughes, said her organisation was desperate to call a halt to the slaughter of animals which pose no threat to other livestock. Scientific evidence shows that healthy animals do not become infected with foot-and-mouth virus from contact with animals that have antibodies to the disease. "There have only been two cases ever of this happening in the whole world. It is so rare as to be almost impossible. "It is ridiculous that they are killing perfectly healthy animals because they have antibodies to foot-and-mouth disease. "They are being persecuted just because they have an immune system. "There has been so much talk and no action to stop the cull. "I just had to do something - I couldn't sit and watch them kill healthy animals any longer," she said. Janet Hughes, of Churchstoke, has now instructed solicitors ... Professor Fred Brown has agreed to give expert evidence in support of the action.

A note from Janet...

Hello everyone

Just to let you know that we have set up this appeal fund to raise funds for High Court costs and solicitors costs. It has been formally set up as a trust account with two signatories and will of course be audited.

Someone asked the other evening if it will be audited which made me quite taken aback having already paid £2500 of my own savings towards the solicitor and barrister costs thus far. One lady has provided £1000 because she feels as I do; that all this must be brought to an end now, not in months to come

The appeal fund account is with the Nationwide Building Society and donations may be paid into any branch.

The account no is 0863 703 560 350.

Any help with publicising this or by giving anything you feel able to, will be gratefully received. The injunction will cost about another £4,000, and then if the case proceeds to Judicial Review there will be further costs of around £25-30,000.The barrister believes that there is a good case and is going to make sure that it is as watertight as possible.Thanks for any help

(see newspaper story Aug 5 )