DAVID SHAYLER - BBC2 15th January 2003

Some of you will have seen the documentary focusing on David Shayler the former MI5 agent during the lead in to his trial transmitted by BBC2 this evening.

Mr Shayler was guilty of telling the truth. This documentary confirmed a corrupt legal system, a corrupt Government and intelligence services that have no accountability.

It was fascinating viewing. Mr Shayler`s autobiography will make compulsory reading for those of us that have become totally disillusioned with the farce that lies behind England`s green & pleasant land.

It has only been the last two years, during FMD & its aftermath, that I have realised that I do not live in a democracy, but essentially and sadly in a dictatorship.

I served my country proudly for 24 years. At no time did I doubt the "system". What a naive fool I was.

Since March 2001 I have tried to expose & educate people of the nasty, incompetent shambolic FMD policy enforced on the British countryside during 2001 & subsequently.

We proved the policy was illegal & ineffective & we exposed Government Ministers & Civil Servants for lying.

As each day passes & more evidence is drip fed to an otherwise bored British public, there are now a few of us left that can say, "Told you so."

Virtually every single point we campaigned ferociously for during the dark days of 2001 has been proven to have been correct; & without hindsight Mrs Beckett.

Yet, perhaps not surprisingly, not one Government Official or Civil Servant has had the guts to apologise for their proven incompetence. An utterly despicable act of undoubted cowardice inflicted on our once great country.

The reasons for Mr Shayler speaking out are similar to my own. He simply wanted to tell the truth. He has been ridiculed, discredited and deliberately harassed. I know the feeling.

Of particular interest to some of us was Mr Shayler`s comments on exactly how MI5 invoke procedures to "tap" telephones in the UK. I now know why BT "Cannot take your complaint any further". I had to enrol the assistance of specialists to confirm my phone was tapped during 2001. As an indigenous Englishman whose family has lived here for generations, I am disgusted that the British Government would even contemplate that I may be of some threat to my country. The truth is I wasn’t a threat but, like many others, I had the ability to severely embarrass certain individuals.


During the latter stages of FMD I received a leaked document proving a Government Minister had been "economical with the truth" concerning the "Voluntary Cull" undertaken in Cumbria. The source was never established exactly, but we were confident of the position the sender of the memo held.

I had waited for more than twelve months for more information to land in my "In Tray". Then, out of the blue, a document arrived at my house addressed simply "For the Immediate attention of Mr Green." .

These documents are now stored very securely. Certain circumstances will result in their immediate release to the press. Meanwhile I am going to sit back & watch certain individuals "hang" themselves.


I am going to sleep very well tonight. Not everyone will.