I have been given information from a slaughterman who wishes to remain anonymous that there is to be a cull throughout Powys. I am not spreading rumours. One only needs to know how many hotels are full throughout the county.

The man told me there are plans to clear sheep from the Brecon Beacons, Elan Valley, Black Mountains, Epynt. The whole of Powys he said. They'll find something even if it's Orf he told me.

If everyone near to a farmer in Powys can please forwarn them about what will happen unless common sense prevails among us all here. The farmers need support and proper information. An animals with an anti-body does not infect other animals. There has never been any evidence that this has ever happened and I have this in writing from Professor Fred Brown.

After the 1967 outbreak when they tested animals when anti-bodies were found MAFF took no action because it was realised that the animals were unable to infect the rest of the flock.

Please will everyone try and get this information to as many farmers as possible.

Janet H