journalists Can we make a concerted efffort to publicise the misreporting in ALL the media at the moment? Even poor old Elliot Morley doesn't seem to get the difference between the serological blood testing (elisa) going on with the huge numbers of sheep in Brecon and now NYorks and a proper VNT test in the lab for the presence of active virus.

The test is for antibodies does NOT detect active virus. The assumption being made is that where there is low immunity the disease is still "circling" - so they kill the lot. If the antibody test shows high levels of antibody they know that there's been a lot of infected sheep - so they kill the lot.

The penning up of the sheep is so that they can be killed easily I fear - the "blood testing" is merely a sop to the public. But they are all lying their heads off and it is a disgrace. If one is a decision maker, ignorance is NO excuse.

Below is the email from my experienced vet chum. what's your view?

I am really very unhappy about the way things are being reported in the press. If only journalists would bother to get their facts right.