am puzzled by the rubbish that the morons from defra are putting on their statistics pages.

I have been studying these, with a particular interest in Cumbria, since they appeared at the end of may. See

This week (4th Oct) the kill total is 3904451, on 28th sep it was 3906401, ie it has gone down by 1950. My findings are that many of the animals in the 'other' column, have been removed. Powys had 5000 on 9 aug, 9482 on 28th sep, and 643 on 4th oct - ie 8839 have disappeared, likewise Cumbria has dropped from 1420 to 9.

What are these other animals (mostly dc's) and why have they disappeared - llamas, alpacas, elephants, giraffes, camels, pet pot-bellied pigs or what. Have they all come back to life?

The kill figures for the last week in Cumbria are 3240 animals (plus 1411 if you don't include these subtracted 'others', making 4650) killed this week for one confirmed case. I don't suppose anyone knows the truth - but the published figures which the press quote - (BBC and Telegraph most days) are obviously crap - informed sources suggest that the quoted 4 million or so should be more like 14 million.

However I will continue to maintain my page of figures for what its worth.