( If you want to print this letter on Warmwell you may.    And here is my name and address ...............Didi Phillips,   Higher Fonstone Farm,  Warbstow,  Cornwall................. I'm not scared of this Government,   as I can't think of anything else they could possibly do to make my life any worse than they already have done. )
I read the following on Warmwell :  The fact remains that scientific evidence was not disclosed by the government authorities in the court cases clung to as giving legal validity to contiguous culling. 
I have copied below a report on virus spread and the Contiguous Cull,   made by Dr Keith Sumption which we would have used in our Judicial Review.
Although we have asked our solicitor to contact Dr Sumption to get his permission to put this statement into the public domain since last January,   we still haven't heard back.
So if you want to ask him,  or just put it on Warmwell................. I'll leave it up to you.     We paid  #1000 for it,     so it would be nice to think it could be put to some use !
The WMNews did another story about us,    but unfortunately I had only just come home from hospital following a overdose................. so I wasn't able to express myself as well as I would have liked.      I've also got anorexia and weigh under 7 stone,  and have been cutting my arms with a pen knife.   
The reason I'm telling you is firstly to tell you that all the work you do on Warmwell is worth it.
We must fight on as the suffering in Devon and Cornwall continues every day,    and in many cases is worse than a year ago.      As a farming community,  we have all been deeply traumatised by MAFF / DEFRA's barbaric behaviour last year.............. many of us had to witness this first hand,   while others watched in horror not knowing if it was going to be them next.
All farmers,  whether they had FMD,    were taken out in the contiguous cull,   or caught in the ludicrous FMD restrictions which are still continuing,    have been so seriously damaged financially that many will never recover and will have to sell up.
And secondly,  because I've got caught up in another  " FMD fight "  -    the total lack of psychiatric care available in Devon and Cornwall.     
In my case,    I've been trying to find help for over two months,     and other than three days in hospital plus a trip in the Air Ambulance after the overdose ............... I've been unable to find anyone to help me.      I was sent home two weeks ago and then told that we are too far from the nearest Surgery,     eight miles,    for the psychiatric nurse to visit.  
I've even had letters back from my MP Paul Tyler,    but there is no funding available.     
I can't help but find this rather ironic.    
The Government slaughtered all my animals for a disease they didn't have, and then gave us £16,000 in " compensation ", and were then prepared to spend over £25,000 in cleansing our farm buildings for a disease which we didn't have !      But now they can't find the petrol money to travel eight miles ..................
I feel very strongly that the Government is responsible for my current state of health..... and they should now provide the NHS with the funding to cope with the mess which they have left behind.
(It is hoped that Dr Sumption's statement can be added to this page in due course)