Immunity not conferred until after 11 days? Slaughter them afterwards? Why?

See extract from page about Merial vaccines

"In ideal vaccination conditions, immunity in cattle and sheep can develop as early as four days post vaccination but it may take longer in pigs. Use of the vaccine during a FMD outbreak Ideally a vaccination campaign during an outbreak should begin in populations known to be uninfected. The campaign should then extend in such a manner that animals which may be incubating the disease are vaccinated last. The recommended vaccination course depends on the animals to be covered, the level of maternal antibody cover, and the degree of risk of exposure to the virus. There is no veterinary need to slaughter vaccinated animals."

From a news report yesterday in Cumbria "....In response to a question from the floor about the "waste" of money following revelations in a recent Audit Commission report that the foot-and-mouth crisis had cost the country £8billion, Lord Haskins said he knew there had been some "excessive" compensation payments, that the clean-up operation had been "too expensive" and that there had been "too much bureaucracy with Page Street and all that", but he pointed out that it had been the worst foot-and-mouth outbreak ever.
(Warmwell asks, "Who made it the worst outbreak ever?")
He also said he had been at a meeting at the Prime Minister's rural retreat at Chequers where scientists had predicted up to 200 cases a day and up to 20 per cent of the national herd of cattle, sheep and pigs destroyed.
(Warmwell asks, Which "scientists"? Veterinary experts? Pirbright scientists? Foot and mouth specialists? NO. It was the mathematical modellers whose policies, blindly accepted by a panicking government resulted in the unnecessary deaths of literally millions of animals including breeding stock, irreplaceable flocks, non-meat animals and people's pets.)
"In that context a decision had to be taken," he said, and that was what drove the slaughter policy and led to contiguous culling.
(Warmwell says "Let us then not forget that "context" and the ignorance and frenzy of pre-election panic that drove that "decision".)
Although he said he was personally in favour of vaccination...
(Warmwell wonders if anyone is NOT in favour of vaccination these days?)
he added that, with current vaccines taking 11 days to confer protection, it would have to be vaccination followed by slaughter to control an outbreak.
( We suggest that Lord Haskins has not troubled to educate himself. The slaughter of vaccinated animals is a decision made for economic (export) reasons - and has nothing to do with disease control. Where does he get 11 days from?)
He said it would be "interesting" to see how the Government developed its control strategy for the future on the back of the Royal Society scientific inquiry and Dr Iain Anderson's Lessons Learned Inquiry due to report later this month.
(Warmwell asks, "Unless we are very much mistaken, both these reports will be published on the Friday that Parliament breaks up for summer recess or during the summer recess so that no debate will be possible.)