By Nick Green, Cumbria. 7th July 2002.
1. The three most heavily involved companies in the FMD fiasco in Cumbria "earned"£77 Million pounds of taxpayers' money for their efforts
2. Snowie, Scottish haulage company and Blair devotee,  received £38.4 Million pounds, Carillion, £21.1 Million and Cumbria Waste Management, £17.5 Million.
3. Cost, so far of the Gt. Orton landfill sight, where around 2 million animals were buried, £35.1 Million. DEFRA paid £6,000 per acre for 10 months.
Costs at Gt. Orton and other landfill sights in the country are continuing to escalate daily.
4. 33 allegations of fraud have been investigated by DEFRA throughout the country. Presumably DEFRA will not investigate themselves ..
5. Total amount paid in compensation to the Tourist Industry and other hard hit sectors including farms who kept their stock but were hit by restrictions? NOTHING!
6. For interest, Snowie has around 15 other related companies including Northern Yacht Charter ( Lovely luxurious Motor Launch for Hire!) and Ballearic Yacht Charter! One "Company" phone number turned out to be.......a burger bar!
Some did very nicely, thank you