1996 is the relevant date.

From then the use of meat & bonemeal was banned in UK for any species. OIE regs. meant that depending on reported BSE cases ( and by now most EU countries had some) various hoops had to be jumped through re. specified offal removal etc. and use of MBM in animal feed chain.

1997 (unpublished) reports from the commission (Yes - I do have them!) described a catalogue of denial combined with muti species mills, no SRM removal etc. etc across Europe. In other words BSE was British and the regulations were not followed. "We haven't got it, so we don't need to".

In France "untreatable staggers" increased by 22%!!. (No such thing)

Anyway EU decided on a "seek and ye shall find" policy, which involved active surveillance rather than wait for farmers to report. Random slaughterhouse checks + casualty cattle.

NOW 6 EU COUNTRIES HAVE MORE CASES BORN AFTER 1996 THAN THE UK, and that will increase as until they do take the necessary measures. Regardless of the magic roundabout of contamination and denial - cattle will die.

And even when action is taken, the average lead in time for symptoms is 4/5 years so still a while to go to peak.

Defra confirm that this year France has 4x as many 'active surveillance' cases as farmer reported, and Ireland is busy counting adult on a daily basis, as they are fast approaching the limit of 'lower incidence status', currently set at 100 cases per 1 million head of cattle over 2 yrs old.

Defra also confirm that in September the group steering the OIE regs. on this will discuss doubling that limit, to accommodate the EU's dramatic increase.

Quelle surprise!

Our cases are mainly born prior to 1996, and we are almost through it. For the EU the worst is yet to come. But it's done its job. We now import 40% of our beef, much from Europe!.