Press Release

From Robert Persey. S.W Representative of the National Pig Association

H M Government refused a Public Inquiry into FMD, which would have exposed the truth, including the origins of FMD, but it blames the recent outbreak of FMD on waste food from imported meat arriving from countries where FMD is present.

If imported infected meat was the culprit, why does it still allow such imports and why does it allow infected meat to lie exposed in landfill sites such as at John Acres Lane, Kingsteignton, Devon?

H M Government closed , WITHOUT COMPENSATION, the highly regulated food recycling plants which were cooking waste food and feeding it to pigs. As a result of this action, much of this food is ending up in landfill sites. This food is adding to the loading of these sites and is contrary to H M Governments International commitments to reduce volumes going to landfill.

However, pig farmers and the wider farming community are appalled that H M Government is inviting the next outbreak of Swine Fever or FMD, by irresponsibly allowing infected meat at landfill sites, to be consumed by seagulls, foxes and crows which will act as vectors to take disease out into the neighbouring countryside.

It is outrageous that H M Government is proposing to force farmers to pay for the next disease outbreak by the imposition of a `Disease Tax, when at the same time they are irresponsibly inviting the disease to return.