I was thinking about the Goodman case and allegations that Irish meat is relabelled British.

I think you will find that under existing legislation that is legal, providing some form of processing is undertaken within the UK.

I seem to recall that Danish Bacon, imported sliced and packed here can be labelled British.

Goodman might well want to keep it quiet, but that would not be from concern about the authorities reaction.

HMC&E are obliged by law not to reveal his total imports into the UK and indeed, subject to certain restrictions, someone like Goodman can apply for the total imports of certain commodities into the UK to be withheld from publication in the official statistics. If he imports more than a certain percentage of any specific commodity he can argue that the total import is commercially sensitive.

The national statistics will still be accurate, but the entire commodity classification/origin will be incorporated into a larger category to hide the detail.

Don't blame me ...it's the law.

I think this is one of the problems - things that are legal but not very nice are getting confused with things that are illegal.

The first can only be attacked politically, the second by the police or HMC&E. The FFA get very confused, as do the NFU on occasion.

I would be happy as a first step to just get the law properly enforced.

I know of one guy who regularly comes out with "Buy British Meat" and "Support British Farmers" in public and in print. He has been importing regular consignments for Ireland. Legal but phew!