Please don't knock the RSPB scheme to recreate an area of natural fen in Cambs!

This is in no way comparable to taking sheep off the Fells.

While sheep have long been part of a diverse and dynamic eco-system on the hills, farming in the Fens (mostly arable monoculture) is at the expense of almost everything that moves (or flowers) and we desperately need a bit more bio-diversity here!

The allocated site in any case isn't prime farmland - part of it is old gravel workings and already includes several flooded pits. Livestock may well be brought in as part of the natural annual cycle, as on the Ouse Washes, where cattle spend the summer on the floodplain when it's grass, and the migratory wildfowl have it all winter when it's water.

It works brilliantly, and the whooper swans clear up after the grain and the sugar beet harvest in the surrounding fields. For once, someone's had a good idea!