From Mrs Anne Lambourn

I have submitted evidence to the Cumbria Inquiry, emphasising firstly that there has been considerable misdiagnosis of FMD, resulting in needless slaughter of healthy animals, and secondly that the true scale of the slaughter had not been realised by most of the general public. This in part has been due to the way in which the figures are presented, and to omissions.

Even with the reply from DEFRA Carlisle, I still feel there may be loopholes, and that these latest figures still do not reflect the true scale of the slaughter. (I asked the Inquiry if it would be possible to take an area e.g. Penrith Spur and study that in depth to compare the official figures with what actually happened on the ground).

N.B. DEFRA figures have not, until the "data cleansing" of recent months, taken account of the progeny of the animals, so obviously the figures are still too low.

How are the antibody positive animals recorded?

An NFU official told me that he thought the figure quoted for the slaughter in the Penrith Spur was too low.

Similarly, another farmer told me that the scale of the slaughter was much greater.

The Welfare Disposal Scheme figures are not included.

I would be most grateful for any comments/advice.

Anne Lambourn