Mark Purdey Page on warmwell

"...DEFRA sat on it for one and a quarter years whilst the reviewers made up a host of irrational and totally unscientific reasons why my work should not be funded."

I have been working very much underground recently after literally giving up with the UK government.
Their Minister Baroness Hayman had promised me grant funding - in order to appease public interest in my work and capitalise good publicity for DEFRA on a BBC film where my work was featured. I then spent 300 hours designing a three year project along the lines that DEFRA had suggested , only to find that DEFRA sat on it for one and a quarter years whilst the reviewers made up a host of irrational and totally unscientific reasons why my work should not be funded.

It was eventually rejected, which I was surprised to read about in the Guardian newspaper before the government had even bothered to inform me.

.  Ironically, a couple of the reviewers had chosen to plagiarise more politically acceptable facets of my proposal and  put in their own proposal along the same lines to other funding bodies such as the EU commission

I was furious. Through the personal data protection act, I acquired documents in which one of the reviewers of my proposal was openly discussing with the DEFRA grant officials how his proposal - which covered my work - was better value for money than my proposal and therefore DEFRA should be funding him.

They did !!

I also saw that the reviewer who had misread my proposal and rejected it on the false basis that I was only taking one sample of soil for each cluster location ( In fact , I had actually proposed to take twenty samples ), has actually been invited to sit on DEFRA's most senior TSE grant advisory committee. DEFRA had, in turn, trumped up this line of critique as their key knock down of my proposal. Despite my pointing out the major error of this reviewer, they just ignored my protests and carried on down the same line of critique. What are these people up to ?

It is just so frustrating, because whenever I have managed to get the odd experiment conducted by a lateral thinking scientist, it produces yet more positive results which supports the theory. Despite getting these works published in good peer reviewed journals, the Establishment and their media spin doctors just ignore it. It just betrays the fact that the authorities are hooked onto a mindset agenda.

I have several issues outstanding with DEFRA where I had an ideal opportunity to expose them in court , but no money to take them to court - which they well know, so they carry on riding rough shod over one's work !!  

In this respect, media exposure is my only way of getting daylight shed over some of their outrageous techniques, and unfortunately the media seem strangely reluctant to publish anything which threatens government credibility these days - even if you have 100 % concrete evidence of their insidious activities.

Via the personal data protection act, I am actually in possession of correspondence between the chemical industry and MAFF officials (from the chief scientist's grant department ) which openly discuss how best to discredit my work.

They jointly plan an experiment ( deliberately designed so it could never prove my work positive !! ) to be funded by public money to discredit me.

I also have correspondence between Michael Meacher's own officials who are openly discussing how best to put Michael Meacher off his repeated requests for a personal meeting with me. These communications are humorous in that they really have to search for credible reasons to put Michael Meacher off - eg, they say I am inarticulate, too heavy going, not trained in public speaking, and how my work is sub judice.......... !!

To my amazement, I could not get anyone in the media to run a story on this !! ten years ago it would have been front paged.!  Most journalists read the correspondence ( well, those that bothered ) and just failed to identify the outrageous implications of their content.
Could I scan the letters and send them to you for putting up on your website along with a brief statement from myself indicating the full potential of what is going on,

I also have not got the money to take DEFRA to court for the global circulation of the Gabriel Horne committee publication on the origins of BSE. They were defamatory towards my work by employing bogus disinformation to discredit it - e.g. they stated that use of systemic OP insecticides ceased in 1982 in the UK, thus since all cows which developed BSE were born after 1982, then how could BSE be connected to OP use- the truth was that systemic OP use first became compulsory in 1982 and ran to the end of the 1990s. Thus, the opposite was the truth.   They also made further claims that Jersey was a compulsory warble fly zone so why so few cases of BSE there. Well, the truth was that Jersey was NEVER a compulsory warble zone.

They employed much more misrepresentation, judicious selection of half truths, innuendo, etc, to discredit my work. Yet, their publication was signed and sealed by 6 world renowned TSE scientists.

When I challenged them, they immediately exempted themselves from the bogus content of this document by claiming qualified privilege. Furthermore, they arrogantly just carried on using this publication worldwide to advance DEFRA's position without any attempt to amend the inaccuracies. I just went crazy having to watch this sort of behaviour go on, whilst remaining powerless to influence it any way at all. I could not even get any publicity over it.

I would love to challenge this qualified privilege (QP) cop out, perhaps via the judicial review process. I am sure they employ this QP technique all over the place for smashing down their opponents. This basically empowers government to publish any old bogus piece of disinformation to further their propaganda machine in what ever way they decree. But it is high time that one of us turned around and smashed them full on.

I think I have a film company interested in funding me to return to the island from hell to shoot film footage of the whole horror story. I was just amazed that this kind of thing is still going on in the 20th century. Still, I have heard worse tales from mining companies operating in New Guinea ...