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The Killing Pens

Let this book be an inspiration to us all.

Reviewer: R W L from SWINDON, WILTS. United Kingdom

It is almost four years since the start of FMD 2001/2 Like thousands of people at the time, Janet Hughes had to witness the appalling atrocities that were taking place throughout the UK. She knew from the internet and from first hand experiences that what the UK Government was doing was not just wrong but illegal.

A decision by the Welsh Assembly to murder umpteen thousands of sheep on the Brecon Beacons in Mid-Wales was the last straw for her. She decided that enough was enough and, without funds, commenced legal proceedings to stop the slaughter.

This book is about her journey through the murky world of Government departments, the lawyers, the courts and its judges.

To find out how she got on, and learn about how she was treated during and after her court hearings, you will have to buy the book. Since the publication of this book, FMD 2001 still haunts this country and its Government. We have never had a proper full and open enquiry, but voices are being heard again to have one.

"......The outbreak of foot and mouth and the way it was dealt with represents one of the most appalling cases of mis-government since the Second World War " Owen Paterson. Shadow Minister for Agriculture ( 12/11/04.)

"... the Commission is believed to have concerns about the scale of the controversial contiguous cull, which led to the slaughter of millions of healthy animals. .." ( Western Morning News 23/11/04 )

I must end with the often quoted saying by Edmund Burke " All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing " Thank you for what you did Janet.

Order the Killing Pens from Amazon. Read its Foreword here.