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Bovine TB policy in the US - as Owen Paterson discovered - makes use of PCR testing.

The Chronology

Mrs Sheilagh Kremers and her fight for her pedigree calf

April 23/24 2006 ~ Pedigree calf, Fern, did NOT "show typical signs of bovine TB at the post mortem" There were no open lesions at all - but the press were told there were.

April 11 2006 ~ BBC reports that post mortem test showed bovine TB in Fern

March 30 2006 ~ " I don't feel like we have lost, because so many people come up to me when I go into town and shake my hand or give me a hug..."

March 9 2006 ~ " the calf had only a 20 to 30% chance of having the disease"

It is a sad day for Mrs Kremers and those who support her. The second test - won at such cost in determination and courage - has been returned as a positive. She has reluctantly and very sadly agreed that Fern be slaughtered. She told the BBC

5 Mar 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw's statement re the Kremers case

March 4 2006 ~ Bovine TB "The Ben Bradshaw statement on the Kremers' calf calls into question the entire bovine TB testing regime."

March 2 2006 ~ We learn today that Sheilagh Kremer's Dexter calf, Fern, has been granted a second TB test by Defra

Thursday 2nd February ~ Mrs Kremers has vowed to go to jail rather than allow her calf to be killed

January 12 2006 ~ Mrs Kremers continues to fight for her five-month-old TB reactor Dexter bull calf

January 9th 2006 ~ SVS refuses retest for Mrs Kremers' calf

January 4th 2006 ~ Anthony Gibson - support for farmer's fight for her calf

January 3rd 2006 ~ "The potential advantages of the PCR cycler over the gamma interferon test..

January 3rd 2006 ~ The pedigree calf "might" have TB - so it must be shot, says DEFRA