Over the last few days there has been frantic activity since Mr Elliot Morley has admitted lying to the House of Commons and the general public. How much longer can this disgraced Minister survive? We wait with interest!


Meanwhile, and I apologise if I am boring people with my persistence, but please allow me to reinforce the following events. I thank you in advance.


All the Cumberland newspapers

It is, approximately, the anniversary of FMD in the UK. In my office I have every local (Cumbrian) newspaper, recently piled up in chronological order. Yes I know, very sad!  I also have the recordings, notes and photographs made and taken by myself and others during this horrendous 12 months.


Highly sought photograph of the reality of the cull at Great Orton

The one photograph that many newspapers are keen to obtain is, of course, the one taken inside the killing tent at Great Orton in April. A successful and covert operation mounted at Gt. Orton resulted in these horrendous scenes being recorded for all time.  The images remain in close protection, to be released when necessary. But to remind people that the disused airfield at Gt Orton was the scene of one of the most futile massacres known to man.


Agony of the dying lambs

A statistic from the Auschwitz of Cumbria, I know many of you hate such things but this is worthy of note, 42 thousand healthy sheep killed in one day! This figure does not include the lambs accompanying these sheep! To quote a very experienced TVI I spoke to during this period "If we knew how many lambs had been killed it would be mind blowing!" Indeed, what would also be mind blowing would be if we knew how many of those lambs died in abject agony having had their throats cut! This disgusting act was admitted to me a South African TVI, Nicholas Julef and in the company of a senior RSPCA Inspector, who incidentally agreed! Further, lambs had also been extinguished by swinging them around by their legs and smashing their heads against a wall! Fact!



I spoke to Mr Julef and the RSPCA Inspector near Orton Scar, a couple of miles from my home during a further "brave" rearguard action mounted by MAFF and resulting in the massacre of over two thousand five hundred healthy sheep and lambs. I was present during these actions. It is little wonder that, over the last 9 months, and to this day, these and other similar scenes return daily to haunt me! I can honestly say that I have not smiled, properly, for at least 10 months. I make no apology for stating this, I am not looking for sympathy and I fully accept that many others have suffered greater horrors than me. But this is my story.


As time goes by, the real horrors of FMD 2001 are being recounted. May I just take a few minutes to remind us just some of the things that have happened?


 Timber was ordered before the outbreak

Way back, some time in January, Mr Mike Littlehales, owner of a timber yard in Staffordshire was contacted by MAFF "Out of the blue!"


He said " I got this call from a lady who said: "This is the Ministry of Agriculture. Would you be interested in supplying timber in case of foot and mouth? She wanted to update her records.

"It surprised me and I thought it was doubly strange when three weeks later the

Government tell us we have an outbreak of the disease!"


Mr Littlehales said the last time his timber business had received a similar call was during the FMD outbreak of 1967!


Notices printed in advance, Russian sleepers arrived in time

There were other enquiries by MAFF and the fact that the then Minister of Agriculture, Nick Brown recommended during a similar period that farmers insure

against future FMD outbreaks, one million BIO-Suits were ordered from a firm near Harrogate, printers approached to print various FMD notices, sleepers arrived in Workington, Cumbria in early March from Russia. They cost the tax payer 36 pounds sterling each! To have received anything by sea from Russia would have meant this order being conducted some considerable time before March!


Rough cut timber ordered in December

In June last year I spoke to  a quantity surveyor from Kings Meaburn, Cumbria. He had just photographed a cull lorry pouring effluent all over the tiny lanes of the village as another massacre was conducted that rainy evening. This gentleman had many contacts in the building industry, did not want to be named, but absolutely assured me that MAFF had purchased thousands of Tonnes of rough cut timber from associates within the industry. The time? December 2000!



There is much, much more! The absurd statement by MAFF that Heddon on the Wall was case zero and started the whole fiasco does not add up! The even more absurd action in blaming Chinese Restaurants met with very stiff resistance, to say the least and MAFF had to retreat rapidly!


January start date now admitted - in reality FMD present the previous October

It is very interesting to note that they now admit that FMD was present in January

2001! Heart of Cumbria can tell you that FMD was present in October or earlier! How long will MAFF take to gradually close the gap?


The true number of animals killed?

It is also sobering to note that nearly one thousand Infected Premises were recorded in Cumbria and 8,000 farms were partially or totally culled out! The total number of animals culled has never been admitted, but MAFF reluctantly admitted that the figure was at least 10 million! Actually, it is nearer 15-20 million. Around 86% were healthy! Here in Cumbria, around 7.5 to 10 million animals were massacred.


No "voluntary cull"but intimidation and threats

The "Voluntary cull" was not, despite Morley defending this absurd position for months. On 19th April 2001, Cumbria police had to seize shotguns from farmers following threats to MAFF officials! The resistance to the 3km cull was mounting but increased bullying and threats from MAFF reduced the number of farms resisting to 240. Those that resisted were told they would be made a Dangerous Contact, they would pay for the cull and disposal, they would infect their neighbours, they would not be allowed to re-stock  and they would receive no compensation! So much for the voluntary cull!



Lab tests showed 5 positive out of 7549 "Dangerous Contacts"

As at 22nd October 2001, a total of 7,294 Dangerous Contacts and 255 SOS cases, which had not been recognised as Infected Premises had laboratory tests conducted. Many thousands did not, as we know. Please note:-




Morley states on 21st November 2001 "The fact is, however, on all practical and

independent scientific evaluation it worked."


Try telling that to the 85% of farms killed out in the infamous Penrith Spur! I live here and absolute devastation resulted in the scandalously unscientific policy invoked on us! All 26 farms in the nearby Parish of Crosby Ravensworth were lost!



There is so much more to tell! I am sorry if  I have bored any of you. I am passionate in the fight to "Obtain the Truth!"


Simply, until there is a fully independent and open public enquiry we may never know!


I leave you with one last comment. I believe that it was in early April 2001. Blair had visited Dumfries and Galloway.

After lunch and a photo call wearing a silly yellow romper suit and ill fitting safety hat, he was taken outside. What presented Blair was

the reality of what he had ordered! It had a devastating effect on the man! He vomited violently and had to be helped away! He had just been subjected to a scene our children had viewed daily on their way to and from school!

A pile of dead Friesian cattle confronted Blair! He simply could not handle it!

But, we all had to; every bloody day!




Heart of Cumbria

"Campaigning for the Truth!"