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Part of email received May 2 2009

".....the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. and California Department of Pesticide Registration are re-evaluating pesticide products following an "adverse effects disclosure" about the neonicotinoid pesticide imidacloprid from manufacturer Bayer, with data showing high levels of the chemical in leaves and blossoms of flowering plants in some cases 20 times the lethal concentration for bees. They also say that this disclosure also mentions research at the Univeristy of California, not yet published, of reside of this pesticide in eucalyptus nectar and pollen of up to 550 parts per billion - while 185ppb is fatal to bees.

It also says that several European countries, including France, Italy and Germany, have banned some pesticides, but that Hilary Benn on Farming Today recently said "we haven't seen any evidence that [pesticides] have an adverse impact on bees"...."