Urgent Attention of Minister.

Analysis of soundings on Vaccination of cattle to live in Cumbria as at 12 0'clock on Thursday 12th April 2001

Local NFU leaders strongly opposed to vaccination. Some deep worries about consequences and lack of information.

Pedigree Cattle (Limousin, Ayrshire Belgium Blue Charolais people)

Commercial Cattle

Veterinary Practices. 16 consulted.

Essential Guarantees

  • Vets and farmers want cast iron guarantees that there would be no change of policy to slaughter at a later date. This is the biggest worry.
  • There must be certainty that supermarkets and other retailers would not reject or pay a lower price for produce from vaccinated herds.
  • There must be certainty that no carriers would re-infect the herd.

    Questions & Worries

  • Much more information needed.
  • Would it be Cumbria only? Would we be stigmatised? 5 who were in favour would be opposed if it was Cumbria only. Would all hot spots be done?
  • What would happen to re-stocking of neighbouring farms who had been slaughtered out? When could they re-stock?
  • Could pedigree cattle men have the option not to vaccinate and hope they would escape F&M? Would it be compulsory for all cattle farmers? If most farmers vaccinate what is the harm of letting some pedigree specialists not vaccinate and if they get F&M it would not spread to their vaccinated neighbours?
  • Marketing pedigree breeding stock to areas of UK not vaccinated. Would anyone ever again buy progeny from vaccinated herds?
  • If in-calf cows are vaccinated, what level of immunity is passed to the calf?
  • After 12 months do vaccinated animals return to disease free status?
  • Would there be full compensation if it all goes wrong?

    This is analysis at 12 o'clock on Thursday 12 April. Views still coming in but generally same pattern. Pedigree producers generally against. Commercial producers for - particularly those closest to approaching F&M. The Rt Hon David Maclean MP.