Landfill Sites - an urgent plea from John and Diane Irwin in Kingsteignton

Extract: what can you do when you have had 7 dogs killed over one weekend's gassing from this known terrorist 'Bin Land Viridor'?

A documentary needs to be made to highlight the dangers of landfill sites around the country.

40 Children have been known to be damaged in Gelli in the Rhonda Valley in Wales. I have contact with the Chairman, & also PALS ( People Against Landfill Sites) and also STAMP's Ron Dawson who have even more knowledge than we do.

We have to be able to protect all the children. Please help!

I have submitted documentation to the FMD Lessons Learned Enquiry, asking for all the 8,055 tonnes of carcasses to be removed and incinerated. Recently this year I was reliably informed that they are still not sealed into the cell.

The carcasses are still left in the working cell, spewing out prions & organo phosphates with their Grade 1 Toxic Waste.

Foot & Mouth Plague still continues in our Village.

This is a totally new science. No other country has ever placed such a massive volume of large animal Carcasses into a landfill site before.

In the Western Morning News 29-11-01,
"Torridge and West Devon MP, John Burnet, tabled a series of questions in Parliament to DEFRA concerning the safety of the Ash Moor Pit. He said ' Studies in the United States and from our own microbiologists confirm the effluent from buried animal carcasses is dangerous to human health'"

None of the residents ever wanted to have to learn 'The Viridor Landfill Site' as our chosen subject. But this seems to be just one of the required skills needed to survive in Kingsteignton.

We resent having to keep locking ourselves into our own homes to escape these lethal Viridor gaseous fumes and vaporous emissions.

In one of the AERC air sample taken Tetra Methyl Benzene was found.
This is used, as an additive in diesel engines to stop them from knocking. Is Benzene safe to find in our homes?

Mr. Lodge from (PALS) People Against Landfill Sites does not think so. He replied 'that we should all be evacuated'.

This was found in Mr. & Mrs. Day's house in Kingsteignton. These poor people have 5 drains in their garden, ( into which the Grade 1 Toxic Waste liquid (leachate) is being discharged nightly from the landfill site)

Mrs. Day has had to leave her home nightly, as she is unable to sleep in these lead fumes.

What other Toxic pollutants are there going to be in store for us this year?
What effects will all these vomit inducing stenches have on our health?

The Viridor Landfill Site has now, unfortunately, had to become our campaign. We never wanted ever to be so fervent with this campaign. But what can you do when you have had 7 dogs killed over one weekend's gassing from this known terrorist 'Bin Land Viridor'?

We know how lethal these fumes & vaporous gasses are. We need to protect the children from these experiments on us & our environment.

It is said that Landfill Sites are the biggest cause of Global Warming. Britain's Government is going to be paying £50 million annually because there are far too many Landfill Sites in this country. Heathfield Viridor's contaminated load is far greater than just any of the other usual Landfill Site's ingredients.

sincerely John & Diane Irwin